Quobuz or other streaming support coming?

With Quobuz coming to the USA this year, I was wondering if the Roon team has any streaming service other than Tidal on the the stove, so to speak? Heck, even 320 Spotify would be a nice alternative to Tidal. Quobuz (so far anyways) specifically avoiding MQA (which I consider to be a lossy, DRM corruption of PCM - not looking to debate MQA however) and delivering real Hi Res would be the end goal I would think.

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There has been plenty of discussion on this recently. The partners have to agree to do this so it’s not Roons lack of willing as I see it.
I type this as I listen to Tommy Emmanuel’s new album in MQA and it sounds damn good here.

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Thanks! Sounds like the answer is actually no - nothing in the pipe, even if there is real interest, openness, etc.

If you like roon for being a roon - ok stay it.
But there is Audirvana, and soon for Windows also.
Qobuz ready.

Thanks for the suggestion Lonek, as I did not realize that Audirvana had both Tidal & Qobuz integration (I am Windows). On the downside, has not their “soon for Windows” been the story for several years now? Also do they have DSP (i.e. EQ, upsampling, crossfeed, etc.) as well?

I would rather stick with Roon - heck, I probably will just go for a lifetime now that my year is coming up. It does so many things so well. That said, its Tidal only integration is a plus and a minus. With Quobuz competing with REAL hi res (>16/44 PCM, no MQA so far) that to me is the future…

Quoboz would be nice. Especially hi-res.

But it fascinates me that people accept Q hi-res for $360 per year, but complain about $500 for Roon lifetime.


Good point AndersVinberg. I suppose the counter would be that the streaming is content, the music, what all this is about whereas Roon is the dross that just makes the content a bit nicer, etc.

But DACs and amps and cables are just supporting dross too.
I’m just grumbling about attitudes about the value of software, having been in the software industry all my life. Never mind me…


There is real interest (Edit: from users here), but not openness from the other side.


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Qobuz offers much better catalogue on Jazz and Classical and these are stream losslessly in CD and Hi-Res quality, you get Master Quality(MQ) directly from studio masters, nothing more nothing less and nothing to worry what’s going inside it…Best of all, one can use existing equipment and playback in its fullest capability.

I’m using Aries Mini on Qobuz(CD quality lossless) now, I’m happy I’ve switch away from Tidal. Besides, my wife subscribed to Spotify streaming and she can also enjoy high quality playback from the Holo Spring DAC. It is a versatile audio streamer. Whether Roon will commit to these will depend how’s things workout between the service providers but I know all these will certainly bring more subscribers onboard and will benefit in the long run.

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Because there is some great ‘Free at the point of use’ software out there, people get used to it and think all software should be free. This is just the same as what has happened for Music.

I’ve migrated from Tidal to Qobuz in the last couple of months. Mainly because Tidal just wouldn’t play ball with me, with choppy, intermittent streaming. Qobuz is like a dream in comparison.

I do like the New Releases too, it’s an agnostic selection and some great finds there too. Never bothered with the Tidal new releases at all, mainly because of the overabundance of ©rap

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Thanks Peter. I have to admit, I would take a “me-too” integration over nothing at all. However, I understand why Roon would decide against anything but “deep integration” because it is part of what seperates them from the rest.

Still, this turf war in software/streaming has nothing but downsides for me as a consumer…

Therefore, as a manufacturer we support multiple services, multiple formats, and even multiple control UI / software in addition to our own.

I strongly agreed, if Roon can incorporate more streaming service providers other than Tidal, it will have a better selling point to showcase. In addition it will mitigate the risk of having just one, in event it runs into unforeseen circumstances.

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Excellent point!:+1:

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I have no affiliation or special knowledge, but I’m sure Roon are very much aware of their position and I would not be surprised to learn that they’ve been on this for a while and that a solution will emerge in due course. To assume they’re sitting on their hands re further streaming integration or like options is naive.

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Emphasizing the advantages of integrating more than one streaming service is anything but naive and has absolutely nothing to do with calling/considering the Roon devs lazy or indifferent! I don’t think this was Guy’s point. It definitely wasn’t mine!

Agreed, but it is rather starting the obvious, over and over and over.

I can only assume that you must’ve read a similar line of argument in another thread because here this point certainly hasn’t been repeated over and over again. As I see it, @MusicEar wasn’t “stating the obvious”. Sorry!