R128 volume analysis produces +InfinitydB

I noticed that a few older mp3 files had no DR. When looking at the file information, they show “+InfinitydB” as track gain.

If I play one of these tracks, they are very loud and highly distorted. If I play the entire album (rather than one track), the same tracks are OK (because they are using AlbumGain value, which is a normal value). If I set Roon to use ReplayGain values from the tags instead, then both track and album RG reports correctly and file plays with no distortion, etc. Here’s an example file.


Setup: SonicTransporter i5 playing through SonicOrbiter SE. Roon is ver 204. ST and SO are updated to latest firmware.

Followup. I notice that the R128 scanning was successful (appropriate track and album gain values) on the exact same files using Roon in Windows 8.1 (64). Although I do see some files in Windows Roon that report the “infinitydB” for track gain.

@agillis Any thoughts on this. Seems more like a linux vs windows Roon issue than a ST issue, but just in case.

Yes this is defiantly a Roon bug. @support already added a ticket for this so it can be fixed next time they do work on codecs.

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