RAAT Server Legacy 1.8 Build 1136

Roon Core Machine

Core on 2013 iMac 8GB RAM running Sierra 10.12.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to router (TalkTalk Super Router) via Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Roon signal sent to Bluesound Node 2i via ethernet then to Beresford Caiman II DAC via optical.

Number of Tracks in Library

Over 70,000 tracks

Description of Issue

When viewing Activity Monitor on iMac, it shows, even after a Roon reboot, that the RAAT server is not responding (appears in red).

Is this a cause for concern?

Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Following up on this thread, I wanted to see if you were still running into issues with RAAT server being unresponsive?

If so, lets have you perform a RAAT server refresh. You can generate a new RAATServer instance on your device by following these instructions, but please be aware that this will reset your Roon Settings → Audio Tab to factory settings and I would advise making a backup of any custom DSP settings you have:

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RAATServer”
  • Rename the “RAATServer” folder to “RAATServer_old”
  • Restart the Roon App to generate a new RAATServer folder

Let me know if your issue persists after the above :+1:

Hi Ben
I did as you suggested and the RAAT server functioned for about a couple of minutes then became unresponsive according to Activity Monitor as Application not responding and appears in red.
Oddly…as you can see from the screen shot, Roon proper is playing music to my local iMac attached DAC. Plays to my Node 2i also via ethernet! So, what is actually occurring Ben?
Thank you

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Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

My apologies here, are you experiencing any issues with Roon? Or, are you just seeing a lack of response from RaatServer via your activity monitor?

Please provide more specific details into the issue you’re experiencing, and what you are doing at the time of the issue. The more specific your steps to reproduce the issue are, the better we’ll be able to narrow in on a solution :pray:

I’ll be on standby for your reply

Hi Ben
Occasionally I get messages saying that Roon is “loading slowly”… especially at the beginning of a listening session, when I have restarted Roon. Also, in Activity monitor, Roon proper starts as showing around 1.5GB of memory being used…as a few days pass, this climbs to around 3GB of usage and simultaneously the Roon RAAT Server is using around 30MB of memory but is shown to be unresponsive and in ‘red’. The system on the iMAC (running Sierra, and thus 1.8 Legacy) has a total RAM of 8GB. Renaming the RAAT as ‘old’ and then restarting recovers the RAAT but it only appears to be running for a short period, then when checking in Activity Monitor, it has returned to red and unresponsive, Is it feasable that RAAT is functioning in a fashion while at the same time appearing to be unresponsive in the Mac OS? Have others reported a similar issue Ben? Roon’s memory usage reduces to 1.5GB after restart or reboot of iMac but over a couple of day’s usage, climbs to around 3GB again…and requires a reboot…otherwise I think the system would run out of steam! I only run Roon at times when not using the iMac for other duties.Connected via ethernet and the router is connected to the world via fibre (TalkTalk). I look forward to your reply and possible explanation Ben. I have around 70,000 song files that live in the Roon database on an externally-attached and powered usb drive. Thank you for your assistance. Bob

Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

Thanks for the information. Ideally, we’d like to enable diagnostics to take a deeper look into things, but it looks like its been offline for a bit. Would you be able to keep it online so we can get diagnostics?

Outside of that, a good next step would be to make a backup, reinstall 1.8, and restore from your backup. Here is more information on how to do this:

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Hi Ben
I will crank up Roon in the morning and keep it active so that you can run your diagnosis software. When I “lost my audio devices” recently, one of your colleagues asked me to reinstall 1.8, which I did. This re-established access to my audio devices but the RAAT became ‘unresponsive’ shortly thereafter. So a reinstall did not solve the issue…ie using ‘old’ suffix on both roon and raat. I notice that over a period of a couple of days useage, the Roon app slowly eats memory……is there a reason for this? Thank you for your assistance Ben. Bob.

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Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

Thanks for letting me know! In the meantime, we also noticed you’re currently running ‘Little Snitch Network Monitor’ which has caused hiccups with Roon device connection in the past.

I’d be curious to see how things run if you temporarily disable Little Snitch, and see how things run. Let me know!

Within Little Snitch, rules are in place to allow Roon access, both incoming and outgoing. The activity monitor is still showing RAAT to be unresponsive after about half an hour if playing music, after a reboot! I need to keep Little Snitch activated so… if this program affects Roon behaviour… is there a workround and could it be something else affecting RAAT? Thank you Ben. Bob

Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

Got it, thanks for the information. It’d be good to test it out running Roon outside of Little Snitch, even temporarily disabling it, but if that is absolutely not an option, I would look at doing a re-fresh on setting up the permissions for Roon in Little Snitch.

I would also check your system firewall settings to verify that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe have been added as exceptions.

If you’re still experiencing issues after this, let’s load a fresh database to see how things operate:

  • Create a Backup of your current database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon Database Location
  • This time, find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall the Roon App from our Downloads Page to generate a new Roon folder
  • Verify if the issue persists on a fresh database before restoring the backup

Thanks Bob!

Thank you for pusuing this issue with me Ben.
Just to be clear … I have temporarilly disabled Little Snitch to no avail.
i do not use a firewall on the iMac, this is not enabled.
I have renewed the database by both using the .old trick, and by downloading a new Roon app from your website (legacy 1.8), and have just updated to the latest build on both the Roon Core and remote apps on iPhone and iPad.
If I reboot Roon, the RAAT server runs for a short period but inevitably stops responding, using around 30MB of memory. Roon app, uses around 1.3GB of memory but over a period of a couple of days, this increases to over 3GB of memory if I have not needed to reboot!!
Just after a reboot, for around 30 mins or so, while using Roon (and via iPad as control), any song will skip after a few seconds onto the next one in the queue …. So I reboot again, but also use Free Memory app to release any memory that gets caught up in Roon… this helps with access to the Core, which then runs smoothly until the requirement in Roon for more GB of memory means I ultilmately need to reboot it.
Even rebooting the router, iMac and Roon does not clear this Stuttering issue and the reporting of the RAAT not responding.
What I don’t understand is that playback occurs at all, considering RAAT is showing as unresponsive in Activity monitor. Do you think that Activity monitor is fibbing to me? Is this a memory hogging issue? Bob.

Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

Thanks for the information. This time around, let’s do a full refresh on your Roon databases:

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon” and “RAATServer”
  • Rename “Roon” to “Roon_old” and “RAATServer” to “RAATServer_old”
  • Reinstall Roon from our Downloads Page

Let me know if things run more smoothly after this :pray:

Hi Ben
Thank you for your response.
May I ask, have you adjusted the 1.8 Legacy software in some way since the last update?
The reason I ask, is that I have done a complete refresh by doing as you suggest and downloading a fresh version of 1.8 and then doing an update to the latest version. There was no apparent gain, in that the RAAT was still quitting after a short period.
I will try again but unless there is a corruption going on somewhere, I don’t see this as being the solution. Will you return my message asap so that I know the reasoning behind your suggestion. Thank you Ben. Bob

Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

Extreme apologies for the delay.

Can you please reproduce this issue, and grab a few timestamps as well as the name of the tracks affected?

Hi Ben
Not sure what you mean about time stamp, and the issue would show with many varied files types…largely superceded now by ongoing problem with RAAT Server becoming unresponsive as reported by Activity Monitor at around 35Mb size and a few minutes of Roon useage. Yesterday Roon would not boot at all and asked for login but also said I was logged in!! So I unauthorised the iMac where the core lives. Then Roon appeared again. I needed to make fresh backups too! Strange behaviour. The issue with RAAT server persists. Reboot reinstates for a few minutes but than fails again according to Activity Monitor but at the same time actually delivers music. Again, very odd behaviour. I have made sure that both RAAT server and Roon proper, have Rules in Little Snitch to both receive and send info to your servers. I use Amphetamine to keep iMac alive…the odd RAAT behaviour exists whether Amphetamine is active or not. I have been through renaming Roon and RAAT Server as .old and reinstalling … but the issue remains Ben! Is it possible that Roon Server software is lurking somewhere on my system and trying to run at the same time as the full version of Roon, and thus affecting the way RAAT is working/not working? Could you scrutinise my setup remotely again and report back please? All the best and thank you for your support. Bob

Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

A timestamp is just taking note of the specific time and date in which the issue occurs, along with the track name where you notice the strange behavior occurring. We need this information to better pinpoint where to look when enabling diagnostics, otherwise we’re searching for a needle in the haystack, so to speak.

I’m not seeing any trace of RoonServer across your core, or account as a whole. My only thought as of now, is that your core machine is from 2013, which could certainly be working on overdrive just to get Roon to function. And that’s only because nothing else has jumped out at us yet. I’ll mention it again, testing out running Roon outside of Little Snitch would be a good thing to see (if anything, so we can rule it out completely).

Other than that, I’ll wait for some timestamps and tracks so we can take another look. I’m sorry we haven’t yet been able to discover the root of this odd behavior Bob!

Ok Ben

I have not seen the track hiccuping problem for a few days now but certainly the RAAT issue is still present.

I will test by shutting off Little Snitch tomorrow while I am at the iMac and keep an eye on it after rebooting the iMac and Roon.

When you mention the age of the computer, which had 8GB RAM, is it the processor or RAM that is weak? I cannot update it or the OS as I use InDesign and Photoshop on it for design occasional design work.

I still don’t understand how Roon can play music (which it does, and upsample ti 96/24 on the fly) but shows that the RAAT Server is unresponsive while doing so! Other than this I enjoy using Roon playing to my Node 2i … I don’t stream … just play locally stored files on usb external drive attached, via powered hub, to the Mac.

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Hey @Bob_Tibbitts,

I’ll keep my eye out for a timestamp! And let me know how things run without Little Snitch.

Outside of this, as another test, I’d be curious to see how things function if you use the headphone/ system output of the core machine. Do you run into the same RAAT server not responding?

A bit of a stretch here, but can you confirm you’re on the latest firmware for the bluesound node as well?

Thanks for your continued patience here :+1:

Hi Ben
I paused Little Snitch for around half an hour…the RAAT functioned until around 40Mb in size and for around that half an hour. While music was playing I looked at Activity Monitor and as usual RAAT server (now listed as Roon in addition to the main Roon) had turned red (not the main Roon app). Although ‘red’, music was still playing fine! This was via iMac usb to a SENUCN Q-DAC attached via usb. The unresponsive RAAT happens whether I play via ethernet to the Node 2i or to the Q-DAC via usb (and that is valid too whether I play via optical or usb or just to the iMac System speakers). The Node is up to date re BluSound updates. I have also tested Roon while Upsampling or not upsampling via DSP. Still the same unresponsive RAAT. How can music be playing from Roon while the RAAT, according to the iMac, is not functioning? I should say also, that I have SERVIIO 2.3 running as well in the background. Could that have an affect on RAAT? Bob……