RAAT: Volume out of range (PS Audio DirectStream)[Ticket in]

I am using a PS Audio DirectStream as Roon Endpoint. Since my system has a high sensitivity I have engaged the 20 dB attenuator to avoid an audible hiss when there is no music playing.

When the attenuator is engaged the maximum volume of the DirectStream increases to 106, but the Roon Remote keeps the maximum at 100. If i set the volume to 106 via the IR remote this is taken over by the Roon Remote and causes the volume slider to move outside the volume dialog (see screen grab below). Shouldn’t the RAAT protocol synchronize the volume ranges?

I hope that this issue can be solved, so I can use the full volume range from the Roon Remote as well.

@support This should be easy to reproduce on your DirectStream unit. Engage the attenuator via the LCD or IR remote (Filter button), set the volume to 106 and check the volume slider on a Roon Remote.

Here is a screen grab of what I get:

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Thank you for the report @Jan_Koudijs.:clap:

@vova If I can be of any help when you’re ready to pick this one up, please let me know.

Hey @Jan_Koudijs,

This issue was reported to PS Audio and they acknowledge it. At this point only patience is required :slight_smile:


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