RAAT? When? What endpoints will implement it?

What is the status of RAAT dev at Roon? ETA?

Who will be implementing it? Auralic? Raspberry Pi?


The SDK was released to the first batch of hardware manufacturers at the end of November. Auralic is working on making the Aries RoonReady (but not, alas, an NAA for HQP). Earlier this year Mr. Wang told me he thought it would take them about 60 days after release of the SDK. I haven’t heard who the other manufacturers are.

RoonSpeakers, and presumably the specific RAAT implementations on the Squeezebox and Raspberry Pi, have had the audio stack redesigned. Squeezebox is in the final stages of testing.

A substantive feature build is expected before Christmas, but no announcement has been made about updated timing for RoonSpeakers.

The above is all my recollection from public information in other threads. I’m hoping we might hear more from the devs once they’ve got this release out the door.