Radio - Avoid lower bitrate files

I have a large library and when I play the radio feature it would be nice if i could avoid any files under lossless

So any 128kbps to 320kbps files would be weeded out .

Hi Jim,

Try Album View > Focus > Format (right side of pop up box). Select AAC and MP3 and the click on the + to make it -.

This will give you all albums except 128-320 AAC and MP3.

Then click Play All and Start Radio.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for the advice .

Hi, would be great if there is an option to set the radio function to a minimum quality of the files it is using. For example: when you play an album and the album finishes the radio starts. Normally i listen to the albums in minimal quality of 44.1khz/16bit. Would be great if there is an option where you can tell the software to play radio from that resolution or up only.

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Hi kraaijcheck, I’ve moved your post into this topic to keep the requests in one place.

Great, thanks.

This absolutely should be done . I have a large library and don’t want to hear some 128 Kbps rips I did a decade ago .
I would also like to see a radio feature that adds in similar tracks that are NOT in your library .

I think this question (feature request) [How do I Ban a group of Tracks all at once?]
(How do I Ban a group of Tracks all at once?) should also be considered in conjunction with this topic.