Radio Ban Option

I have a lot of albums with tracks that I would never want to have the Radio play outside the context of the entire album being played. Most tracks on “The Wall”, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “Quadrophenia”, and “Tommy” come to mind. Also, on The Steve Miller Band’s album “Book of Dreams”, I wouldn’t want “Threshold” to play without being followed by “Jet Airliner”. There are many more examples.

I would guess that I am not alone.

It would be great to have the option to exclude certain tracks from Radio play only. This could easily be added to the current “ban” feature. The icon could be a radio with an “X”, “/”, or “-” through it. The current “Favorite or ban” “ban” setting is too strong. It blocks tracks for being played by the Radio and when playing full albums.

The way things are right now, I have stopped using the Radio feature because it play songs that I never want to hear by themselves but always want to hear when I play the album.

Please add this option!


That’s already available to you. Press favourite twice and the track is banned from radio. At least that is my understanding.

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No, it is not:

“The current “Favorite or ban” “ban” setting is too strong. It blocks tracks for being played by the Radio and when playing full albums.”

This is part of the problem, not exactly intuitive is it! I’m not sure what it does or doesn’t do either to be honest. I am currently considering removing my audiobook collection from Roon altogether as they keep popping up in Radio. Apparently, it is not possible to ‘select all and ban en masse’ to prevent this happening.

This is what bans are for–you can ban tracks/albums from radio by clicking the favorite heart twice if there is really stuff you would truly never like to hear except when chosen directly. As with favorites, bans are tracked per-profile, so you and your spouse can have different preferences.

But note …

No, you aren’t missing anything. Banning is for all “automatic” play situations (i.e. where you haven’t picked that specific thing). That includes album play, artist shuffle, radio, etc. There is no “just ban this for radio”, and I’m not sure there should be.

I don’t think Roon was ever intended for audio books.

No, of course not. Neither was it intended for podcasts, radio plays or comedy, but all those files need to play through the one audio system in the house, Roon. I am not concerned about the metadata aspects of these files, just being able to find and play them, and exclude them when necessary. Thinking about it, how off track does the Roon Radio algorithm need to be to select an audiobook file after a piece of music! If it worked properly it would not be an issue. They are all tagged ‘audiobook’ so a simple rule could exclude them from Radio.


I don’t want this to get lost in responses that did not understand my original post in this topic: the current “ban” feature does not do what I am requesting. There should be a way to ban songs from the radio but not from normal album play.


I am sorry, but I disagree. If I don’t like a song, I don’t want to hear it during album play, artist shuffle or radio play. Hence the current ban option works perfect for me. It is straight and simple.

I am not trying to take away the current “ban” option. Right now, the “Favorite or ban” feature has three positions that it can be set to:

1: Nothing
2: Favorite
3: Ban from all automatic play

I am suggesting that a fourth position be added:

4: Ban from all but album play

This would not change the user interface at all and would add one option as you click/tap on the icons displayed.

The idea here is that we have songs on albums that we want to hear when we play full albums but we don’t want to hear in other situations. There is no way good way to accomplish this now. There are lots of songs albums like “Tommy” that are short or not all that interesting on their own but are in the context of the full album.

If Roon added what I am requesting, what you would want and use today is still available and it is still straight and simple.


In that case I could perfectly live with it, if it would be implemented in a way the user interface stays clear towards users.

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I Bookmark all my audiobooks, so I can see the Bookmark and then subtract it. This leaves only Music files available.

Edit, just looked and cannot see how used to do this… has something changed?

Ok, found it.

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Let’s please keep this on topic of enhancing the ban feature.

I would like to see the option to ban some of “My Tags”. I like the radio feature as it often presents me with good music I had forgotten was there in the library of around 17,000 BUT it irks me when unselected genre play from a tag I rarely, or do not want to visit.
For some reason random play from a selected tag seems to wander off into radio from all the library.
But then, I’m provably missing something, as usual.

All this highlights just how sophisticated Roon is developing so how challenging it is for access to some of these clever functions which are not intuitive. Roon needs an “Idiots Guide”.

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My view of the radio feature is different than yours but i have to agree with @Speed_Racer on this. There are many instances where a song may show up on the Radio selection where i don’t want to hear it but in the context of the album i do. Radio listening and Album listening provide for two different experiences (a big part of it being who controls the selection) and i’m firmly on the side as treating them as such.

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Yes! There are so many tracks in my library I do not want to hear via the Radio yet absolutely want to hear when playing full albums that I have stopped using the Radio feature entirely. I shouldn’t have to do that to enjoy music via Roon.


I agree with this idea. I have only been using Roon for a week, and this has already come up as a problem for me. I have a lot of live Grateful Dead stuff. I would love to have a way to “ban” those tracks from playing on “radio”. Of course, I love this music, but it’s a whole different sound. I don’t want to be listening to a bunch of album cuts on radio, and then all of a sudden have a two-track soundboard bootleg recording come up. It’s jarring.

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I agree with winders on this one. I have many albums in my library where I would prefer certain songs to not play during radio play but I will occasionally listen to the album as a whole. I think this would be a useful addition to Roon. :+1:



Given what has been written in this thread, do you see how being able to ban tracks from the Radio but not from album play would make a whole lot of sense? If not, please explain why? Because of how the ban feature doesn’t work, I have stopped using the Radio completely. That’s a problem because I really would like to be able to use the Radio.

Sure, I can explain why.

Having two types of “bans” is a confusing distinction. It complicates the mental model, particularly for new users, in order to satisfy a use case that only makes sense for people with a very detailed understanding of Roon. These people will always be far outnumbered by the people with only a casual understanding.

The favorite/ban picker is not in some dusty corner of the app–it is displayed on nearly every screen, and unlike most of the app, it presents purely using iconography. This is a very tricky thing–icons must be are easy for people to misunderstand. The design “cost” of adding an state that requires explanation to an icon that appears on every screen of the app is huge. Most people will encounter the favorite/ban icon before they are aware that there is a thing in Roon called Radio.

It’s also worth backing up a second and considering where Radio is going.

We have a mandate to make Roon accessible and fun for people without a personal music library. This is going to result in a lot of improvements to browsing/searching, but it’s a hard requirement that we be able to replicate a Pandora-like “lean-back” radio experience using the TIDAL library for someone with zero content of their own.

This isn’t new news–I’ve laid out this vision of radio half a dozen times over the past year, but it’s important context. Radio is evolving into a place where it is very much a black box doing some hard statistical + machine-learning work to figure out what to play. The more it moves in that direction, the less feasible it will be to explain it to anyone but technical people, and the less feasible it will be to be adding more knobs and controls other than perhaps some very high level stuff.

So–in that context: Radio is not library shuffle and is not trying to be. It’s also not designed to be a venue for highly detailed control.

If you want to accomplish a highly controlled shuffle within your library, there are ways to do that–for example, you could focus the album or track browser on the stuff you want to play, then exclude a tag from the focus that means “stuff I don’t want to hear randomly”, and then shuffle-play that browser. You could also manually dump a bunch of content into a playlist or tag and tightly control a random play experience by playing or shuffle-playing the playlist/tag.

Roon has never been (and will never be) the product that includes every knob/slider needed to accomplish every permutation of behavior that someone can dream up–Roon is an opinionated product. We work hard to keep it simple and approachable, even when that comes at the expense of absolute power or flexibility.

One final thing–Roon does automatically ban a lot of stuff from radio behind the scenes. For instance content that is properly tagged as audiobooks/podcasts is left out, and we have matching rules intended to remove applause tracks, introductions, skits, etc. If there is a common class of thing that you are having to ban, and you think we could automatically recognize it, and it would be reasonable to implicitly ban it for everyone, that might be a productive discussion.