Radio behavior playing non style related songs

This means that genre is active only when you have something in your Library for the genre you want to play?
That would explain why many are grayed out.
Can someone confirm this ?

Anyone here who can explain really how that thing works ?

I’m adding something, the feature " automatically pick music based on your queue", sometimes stops. I had david bowie and Florence and the machine, he wasn’t able to pick another similar track.

I’m really getting frustrated with this system.

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Roon Radio and Valence are still learning. Until they are trained, we should correct manually and build playlists.

As far as I understand it, it is based on last track played, not the whole Queue or playlist.

That said, I’m not sure what is done if started by Genre, Artist, or Album using the Big Blue dropdown.

Roon Radio uses Valence AI to help select tracks. The actual inner workings of which are not revealed. It is more than just following genre tags, though. A large part of the AI is trained by the whole Roon user base.

Well, now i learn something. Something i believed from the beginning, even before moving to Roon, which i assumed would be natural for a company nowadays.
Improve customer experience through usage of data.

I can confirm that however Valence is working, it is not doing the job as i’m expecting to, as a listener.
The behaviour is just not right. And however the data is being crunched and analyzed it’s going the wrong way.

I’m happy as a consumer to talk to some cto or whomever is interested to discuss this further in order to aim for an improvement.
Happy to be a beta tester as well.

Really guys, when you look at the investment: nas server, license, qobuz membership > it’s a bunch of money for something that is not working as expected.

That said, CD playing works like a charm.

I am a fellow user like yourself. I have found Roon Radio selections to be very dependent on what I choose as the starting seed.

If I choose something famous and popular, then it can stay in lane very well. For example, if I choose a Carpenters song, then, Radio will follow along with classic 70’s AM pop. Same with using Telemann as a seed, it stays very well in the Baroque lane.

However, if I start Radio with the artist Mustard Plug, it quickly veers out of the ska-punk lane and into hardcore punk which is completely not the same.

I assume that music that is played by the majority of the userbase will have better results, than, music not played as often. If a track/album is Unidentifed in your library, then Radio restricts playback to local music only which uses a different algorithm and not the AI.

I always start Radio with a specific track. I have found that Genres are too wide open to start a Radio session with. For example, I rarely want to listen to everything Jazz, I want to listen to specific Jazz periods or moods. I have no desire for a track from “Almost Blue” to be followed by a track from “Bitches Brew”.

Thank you for pitching in guys. I really appreciate and keep your ideas coming.

I just tried again. It’s the evening for me, so electro time.
Started with Klangkarussel, after three songs… It plays the Qemists who i hate, and who have nothing to do with the electro. Am i wrong here ?

This, like ska-punk for me, is going to be one of those genres where the majority of the Roon base does not listen to a lot, so the data for the AI to work with will be limited.

Want to try a test which will probably work well, go to a Diana Krall album, like “Turn Up The Quiet”, and start Roon Radio from the blue drop down.

Hey @Wills1831,

I can confirm your notion. The Genres link in the Browse section reflects the content in your library. If the genre isn’t populated the Play Now button will be greyed out as you’ve concurred.

Quick heads up from my end.

Overall feeling has improved.
Starting radio from artists provides a better experience.
In some cases, like from Beethoven, for some reasons, plays from library and whatever music genre. After two or three times hitting the “start radio button” it goes online.
This one is clearly a week point : classical music. It’s good for a moment but proposes star wars theme music, which is funny at first but that happens every time we want classical.

I did the same from chillout albums, or Rap, electro, techno artists and it’s way better.
True that it keeps proposing songs i don’t like but this has nothing to do with Roon and it’s in line with the expected genre.

Still i would appreciate a Genre playing approach that would work as intended. Maybe an improvement for later releases?

Enjoy your music guys ! And thanks for the help.

Hey @Wills1831,

Thank you for following up with details on your testing. There are issues with repeated tracks when using Roon Radio that we’re working on but what you’re experiencing is strange and not as intended.

As a test, I started radio from the Classical genre on my Genres tab, as well as on the Beethoven composers page, and the selections were as expected for me. If you’re getting Rap or Pop/Rock when starting a Classical Roon Radio station something is amiss.

In looking at your system diagnostics it looks like some of your local files aren’t identified in Roon. Are the out genre tracks that are popping up in your classical radio sessions local files? If so, and those tracks don’t have genre tags embedded, that could be the cause here.

Hello @jamie

Thank you for your input. I tried this after reading your comment:

  • disabled my local files (to avoid the kind of conflict you mentioned)
  • emptied my queue (to avoid conflict with previous day’s songs)
  • went to Ludwig van Beethoven, hit ‘play Radio’

See what i got:

Resulting in Soulwax being the next one:

Now, I can’t seem to start a decent radio from Beethoven today. I’ve disabled the local files, and i believe i’ve removed an artist called “imbeau…” Whom i didn’t like anymore.

Hey @Wills1831,

Thank you for getting back in touch. Can you post a screenshot of your Classical library please? (go to the browse section of the sidebar, click genre, click classical and post a photo of what appears there.)

Also, go to Composers and select Beethoven, then post a screenshot of the From my library section.

I’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as soon as I can.

Hi @jamie

Will do as soon as i’m back home next Tuesday. Apologies for the delay.


Hi @jamie

As requested.
Hope it helps.

Beethoven composer page

Classical genre

Thank you @Wills1831,

Additionally, can you please go to your albums page and use the Focus tool and filter your Genre column to Classical and post a screenshot of that as well? Thanks!

Well. Somehow i don’t have any classical genre in there.

You have no classical albums in your library at all?

Is own genres use selected (import) and not properly maintained?

i’ve got indeed no classical albums. (I had, but i’ve removed the only one i had)

Also, i don’t have a personal library. It’s only connected with QOBUZ. Sometimes, i put a heart on some songs, and/or i add the album to my library.

My idea would be to benefit from the Genre approach via Roon to generate dynamic matching playlist via Qobuz as a sole source.