Radio bitrate within Roon

(Damien Longson) #1

I’ve successfully added some BBC radio stations using the TuneIn URL. Is there any way of viewing the radio bitrate from within Roon, as it’s not clear what rate TuneIn is using. I guess m question also relates to the wider issue of seeing radio bitrates in Roon
Many thanks

(David Nightingale) #2

This doesn’t answer your question, but I have the URL’s for the BBC’s 320kbps streams for Radio 1, 2, 3 & 4 if you’re interested:

(Damien Longson) #3

Thanks very much David

I’d found those (Radio 3, specifically), but then can’t work out if the TuneIn url is the same bitate, or a lower one. I hoped Roon might report on this…

I think that the Tunein iOS app allows me to choose a bitrate, but I’m getting the relevant url from the web browser which doesn’t …



Is Roon not showing you the bitrate when you click the Signal Path? It does so over here:

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By the way, I believe the 320kbps streams are UK only. My BBC World Service News is much lower:

(FTBoomer) #6

What’s the link for that Audiophile Jazz station you have listed in your ScreenShot?

(David Nightingale) #7

As far as I’m aware there isn’t a higher bitrate World Service stream - mine is 128 too. And it never occurred to me to check the Signal Path, so thanks for that.

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I found it on TuneIn. Just type Audiophile Jazz. There’s also an Audiophile Classical, Audiophile Baroque, an Audiophile Rock and Blues and some more. Thanks to @RBM for sharing these :slight_smile:

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(Daniel Beyer) #9

Don’t forget this thread:

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Thanks @Rugby, hadn’t come across this thread yet :+1:t2::blush:

(Damien Longson) #11

Thanks @Grump - the signal path was the solution…
Good stuff!

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