Radio - Internet Radio Roon - Soon to be improved or...?

Roon is very old school with the Internet Radio option. I mean copy and paste an URL is not very 2018-ish I think.
Could it be possible to add same function as iTunes or Squeezebox, just to locate Stations by country or genre and then add them as a favorite?


But is effective and simply works.
By the way - the Turing machine is also very old school, but you use it every day… :wink:

Sure, but why use old technology when you can use new one. Roon is very upfront on almost anything, except the Radio stuff

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There are apparently plans afoot. Have a read of this thread:

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I will love yo hace un roons internet radio The Radio Swiss Jazz station that is superlativo un sound should ve implementen so far away!

I don’t mind entering stations manually (of course a directory would be nice). Once I have my favorites setup, I don’t bother with it much after that. What would really be desirable for me is a better visual listing of the stations. The big graphics and cropped text makes the whole feature awkward and cumbersome to navigate.

For me the feature I miss the most from JRiver is to schedule recordings of my favority radio shows. Would be great if this feature was added to ROON. My ROCK servering is on more or less 24/7 would be perfect to be able to record shows, for example, when I am at work…

Is there any movement or update with internet radio or directory without the need to copy & paste URL’s?

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A release has just come out so a few months before a new feature set.


My trial runs out in a couple weeks and I have not seen ANY improvement in the internet radio. I heard there was work being done on it? Am I missing something? I get the idea that you can add the URL etc and I have done that and sometimes it works and sometimes i have to go searching around for the right URL for it to work. EX: Tune In Radio, some work but some don’t. And no artwork or logo. LMS Squeezebox has had a simple way to do this for 12 years or more and just about any streaming platform i have looked at has a simple and robust way to add stations. This and a few other things (like Audirvana sounds considerably better) are preventing me from jumping on board. How about an update on status of Internet Radio improvement.

You will find that Roon don’t comment much on the status of updates so I wouldn’t expect anything here.

I love Roon. At the same time, the lack of internet radio functionality is a huge drawback for me. We keep being told that it is in the works, but then nothing. My old 2007 Squeezebox had great internet radio. What is the problem for Roon? Please get this resolved.

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Any news on the Internet Radio thing?

Please improve internet radio.

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There is work happening with Internet Radio. See Mike’s thread here and sign up as a Curator if you’d like to be a part of it.

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I’m relatively new to Roon. I’ve tried copying and pasting URLs from online radio stations that play on my computer and they have never worked in Roon. Stations like Jazzcast. ca or JazzFM91 from Toronto. Suggestions? Both of these were easy to add to my SONOS

Here’s the Roon KB page about the current browser.

Haven’t found a working URL for

This should work for Jazz FM 91:,aac

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Does work?
AAC I think.

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Jazzcast sent me this URLand it works!


That worked, Thank You