Radio Mode - Duplicate songs played consecutively [Answered: side effect of service side work for v1.3]

I have a Hi Res subdirectory for downloads from HD tracks and an iTunes for 16/44. I have many songs which are in each folder with different resolutions. When I am playing with Roon in radio mode it always plays both versions back to back. How can I have it play only one or default to the hi res version only?

I think I just had the same experience…better go check the history

Yep one FLAC and one WAV in the same folder Bizarre

Then again the Radio option is tragically flawed - unless you like the same rotation every time time you play a particular artist. needs to have much more randomness

@Eric_Neff you are not alone

Hi @Eric_Neff,

I’ll tag this one for @support to follow up with you.

Good to have friends in the foxhole with me @Paul_Chatfield. Let’s see what support comes up with.

maybe thats why they call it radio :stuck_out_tongue: but 2 tracks repeated in a row is getting a bit much :blush:

I ignored it for awhile but now it is really distracting.

Thanks for the report guys – this is a known issue that will be resolved when 1.3 goes live soon.

Our 1.3 release has overhauled handling of works. The enhanced linking we’ve been working on will allow you to browse all the “cover” versions of the songs in your library, including all the versions on TIDAL. The behavior you’re seeing is a side effect of those changes, which have already been deployed to our cloud services for testing.

We’re working to get 1.3 fully tested and shipped, so thanks for your patience on this, and sorry again for the trouble!

Mike, thanks for all you and the team are doing! If that is my biggest wish for 1.3 then things are going well.