Radio Paradise FLAC feed (continued)

I am successfully playing RP flac using This is great and sounds great. However, I am not getting info on the current track playing as I did with the 320kbps feed. Anyone know if I should be getting that info, or is it the price to pay for higher quality feed? Thx

Yes, same for me. The way round it is on your phone or tablet, log into the RP website to view the playlist and what is playing at the time.

The other FLAC streams I’ve listened to are all the same, no info.

I think the RP new stream is good, slightly better than the mp3, I hear better bass but the ‘euphoric’ sound is slightly less but a great start, I’m sure it will improve as Bill fine tunes it.

*Yep, I have no doubt that with time, the function will improve. Presently I find it works well for a while and then drop outs appear leading to signal closure. Solution is to reboot the service and then later, you need to do it again. I think this is a RP issue. I hope they sort it soon, as this source is the very best I have heard from RP. I just love it when it is working properly. Without doubt for me, the best music radio station out there. In consequence, I’ve signed up for a monthly contribution.

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I’m now also experiencing the leading, very heavy, dropouts after only a few moments of play. Yesterday, it would play for better part of a hour before the occasional dropout would occur.

I’m actually impressed that I can let it play for as long as it does before dying completely.

As you stated, when it’s working, it’s fantastic. I donate a couple times a year. Awesome return on investment.

Today, only plays for 10 seconds or so, then halts. Wondering if the server for this flac stream is overloaded?

I suspect you are right. As the word got out this week, load simply has to have increased. We’ve found the breaking point. Hopefully Bill can find the bottleneck and resolve it.

I listened to the RP FLAC stream yesterday for about six hours without a problem. That would have been middle of the night in the US.

Edit: Getting some dropouts today. It sounds like the same kind of dropouts as on other FLAC stations that have had scaling issues. An experimental feed may not scale well as the station is discovering the demand. I would expect this to be fixed as they find out how popular they are.

Tried for the first time to day. Could not listen at all

I tried this the other day in UK it played fine. Can’t say I was that impressed with sq though sounded a bit thin for my tastes via Naim Atom.

The FLAC feed has been down for the past 2 days for me. Worked well when it worked but I agree it’s not the best stream I’ve heard. In fact, about a week ago the mp3 stream beat it on my system but then it got better before dying all together.

Hopefully the current or a new url will be back soon. Others posted on the RP forum.

There seems to be a new link for it

found on the stream links page.


Thanks! Working flawlessly tonight.

Hey, thanks for the new URL. My radio paradise stopped working a few days ago so I stuck with JB radio 2. This new link works great!
You say found on the stream links page. Is this within Roon or elsewhere? Thanks.

the stream links page on

Cheers for that. Appreciated.

The stream links page has this groovy goodness on it as of today. Both links add to Roon just fine and stream great and sound wonderful.

FLAC Links

Main Mix FLAC (
Mellow Mix FLAC (

These links currently do not currently include stream metadata (song title info). Not our choice. We would if we could.

FLAC playback is only supported by some players. If your player requires you to go through TuneIn or vTuner to add stations, then our links will not work. They will also not work in iTunes. Player limitations like those are entirely out of our hands.

You can post questions and feedback about the FLAC streams in this forum topic.


Sounds indeed wonderful!

Do you know if Bill at Radio Paradise instigated the standard feed as a result of all the emails we in the group sent to him asking?


Wuhoo! Thanks folks!

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