Radio Paradise metadata not changing

Have noticed the metadata for artist - track title does not change on the Flac stream but will on AAC 320kbps.

Did you choose the metadata stream as there are two flac streams one with one without.flacm is the one with and works for me on main mix. However Roon can sometimes just default to the one without even if you make the metadata one default.

No joy with the FLAC streams. Strangely playing FLAC through my paired HomePods seems to brick them and I have to unplug them for 10s to reset then they are ok, not sure what’s going on?. AAC320kbps sounds fine to me anyway for casual listening.

Hello @Terry_Fell1 , do you get the metadata not changing on all 4 RP streams? Which screen are you referring to - the large now playing screen or the small info line at the bottom when browsing other pages? What remote are you using?

Do you get the same problem with Radio Bluesflac (another flac station with metadata)?

And do the homepods brick on any flac stream?

If I am on phone app I don’t always see metadata on now playing screen. In the mini playing part of Roon UI you do. Maybe this is what he’s referring to it is inconsistent to as yesterday on main mix I didn’t get metadata on now playing today I have.

I also remember links to tracks being played used to work in Radio or did I imagine that as they don’t now, only the album.

Rock is the same no metadata on now playing but is on mini player section.

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That could well be it. If so, it’s a known problem, see

Yet that threads closed. Is this actualy being looked as that thread is nearly 6 months ago.

No, its open.

It says there’s a ticket, so I assume it’s in the queue somewhere.

Yep, the bug has been around for 5-6 months. Annoying when your main remote is a phone and you’re a frequent Live Radio user like me…

I’m having this occur again with the flacm stream. The first song shows the metadata but after that it doesn’t update.

It won’t make any difference, but those flacm streams no longer appear in the station database. They were removed as the metadata in roon comes via a different route now.

New bug that has been around for some weeks, not spectific to Radio Paradise. Still unsolved…

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What is the different route?
I have RP set up as a custom url to get flat and metadata.

It’s a method designed by @alec_eiffel to associate metadata held by the website with the audio stream. The keyword METADATA SERVICE for a station indicates that this method is being used.

Not all audio streams have metadata incorporated in them - RP’s flacm stream does, but it can suffer from dropouts, one reason it was dropped.

I might be mistaken, but RP metadata seems pretty much ok for me, or at least seems to be so based on intermittent listening over the last couple of days.
Fingers crossed!


EDIT: Argh - spoke too soon. It’s been pretty much fine today but now it seems stuck on a Patty Griffin song, which was played five or six tunes ago…
EDIT2: Well, a restart of the core sorted things for quite a while then it started playing up again :cry: