Radio Stations Gone [Solved]


Opened up Roon yesterday and wanted to play some Radio in the background. Went into my Radio section and all the Radio Stations are gone :frowning:

Is there a place where the radio stations are stored, as can’t even remember some of the ones I had loaded from Overseas.

Don’t know what has caused this as my Mac Mini is just the same software as before so nothing changed there.

Bit of a pisser, as this happened 3 months ago and had to reload all again that time.


Hi John,
I had the same thing happen after upgrading to the latest iOS. Everything came right after I restarted the iPad.


Thanks for the info, but I only use my Macbook Air to play Roon, so can’t see mine being an iOS issue.

Just now closed & re-opened Roon and the Radio Stations are back (I previously turned it on and off several items before and that did nothing) - now how weird is that :astonished:

Don’t know what caused the issue, but seems to have resolved itself now. Wish I hadn’t wasted peoples time putting the new thread on - Sorry

It’s absolutely not a problem. There’s nothing like the sinking feeling as you contemplate possible loss of data. The forum is here to help if anyone has any problems with Roon and all members are welcome to post at any time.

I believe the radio stations are stored in the Roon database, and computers being the noble but easily startled, flighty beasts that they are, it is always prudent to make a backup of the database and keep it updated. Remember to turn off the Core before making the backup, as a backup made with the Core running (with Time Machine for example) won’t let you restore from it (which is the whole point of being a backup).

It’s great to hear that things came right for you and please post again if this sort of bad state should recur. The devs can gather logs in order to track down the cause of such things. Personally I attribute it to cosmic rays and/or voodoo.


Appreciate that.

Yes, computers can do what computers want to do sometimes, but at least it’s came good now.

Had forgot about the back-up needing the Core to be closed (I’ve a Mac so just rely on Time Machine). Just done a back up the of the Roonserver folder now.

Thanks again for your help Andy.