Radio Stations/ Settings backup

Hello, the other day I added a few radio stations. Afterwards I made a change to the library and they were gone. Is there any way to backup radio stations added? or for that matter settings in general?
Thanks in advance.

This is the first I’ve heard of added internet radio stations being lost. What kinds of changes were you making? Are you able to reproduce this again by going through the same steps?

Backing up your Roon install is explained here, and should cover everything in your Roon Core (other than the media files themselves): playlists, edits, play history, settings, radio stations, etc.

Note that a few settings are stored per client, meaning they are set in the Roon interface on a device-by-device basis. This will be things like browser preferences (show more covers, show album format, show alpha navigation, enable on screen keyboard, etc).

Mike, the reason I didn’t include what changes I made is because I can’t really remember. On Thursday I had a power outage, and after rebooting, roon didn’t log in automatically. Once I logged in I noticed it was rescanning my whole library. I have roon core setup in win10, I have included it in startup, so once I power on it automatically boots into it. Regardless, I will check out the link you provided and will back up just in case. Thanks, I will monitor and make sure to keep a note of changes in case I need to report back.
Have a great day.

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