Radio stream not triggering my Meridian G68 pre [Resolved]

Nothing particularly urgent, as I have a workaround, but would be nice if fixed at some point:

My system setup:
Synology NAS running Roon server
Intel NUC running HQPlayer
Singxer SU-1
Meridian G68

Roon server -> HQPlayer -> local USB to SU-1 -> spdif over coax -> Meridian G68

When I start up my system and start up a radio stream, I do not hear any sound.
When I start a track from either local or Tidal, my G68 switches to the audio stream (you hear an audible switch) and music plays.
The radio stream somehow does not trigger my G68 to recognize the incoming audio stream.

The workaround?
Start a track first and then start the radio.

Again nothing urgent, just a quirk that would be nice to have fixed :slight_smile:

I didn’t think any Meridian gear changed source purely on the basis of a signal being present or not. It’s all down to Comms, as you know.

Or am I misunderstanding?

No, it is not the source change. It is switching between dsp modes, on the same source.

I am not sure this is a Roon thing. You are shooting spdif at the G68. What the G68 does with it is what you are describing (Ithink). Maybe I don’t quite understand what you described…

It is possible that I missed it earlier, but I don;t think that at the start of the introduction of radio I had this problem. Somewhere along the line this problem appeared.

When the G68 detects an incoming signal it locks onto it, determines its nature and switches into the relevant mode. The famous ’ clicking’ sound on the G68 (and other meridian gear).

It looks as if the radio stream, when it starts, misses the ’ header’, for lack of a better description, that a normal track does have.

Just to close this one off… somewhere along the lines, with one of the updates I’d guess, the problem disappeared.

Happy camper :slight_smile: