Radio thumbs up/down, heart, add to library, etc. - FAQ/KB?

With these radio improvements, it would be helpful to have an updated summary of how all this works. Post and/or Knowledge Base?

For example,

When doing thumbs up/down for upcoming radio, does that alter the algorithm or just add/not add to the current queue?

What does “heart” do?

How do each the skip reasons (eg, I don’t like this track, I don’t want to hear this right now, This doesn’t fit) work in terms of affecting the algorithm?


Good questions all.

The heart, AFAIK, plays only a minor role: to identify favorite WORKS/compositions/songs on albums. Then when you are in an album view with one or more tracks hearted, a Play Favorites option will appear.

I don’t think it has any role in Radioland. Kind of an orphan IMO.

Thanks. I just learned about the heart from you. Play favorites. Nice.

I’m hesitant to start using thumbs up down in either place until I know about impact on algorithm though. I’ve used Pandora for years - less so now obviously. But I heard that you should never thumbs up or it leads to increased repetition of that track. Thumbs down for the ones you don’t like does a better job of keeping the playlist varied but increasing closer to the listeners preferences.

I read here that thumbs on the upcoming track in radio only includes or skips that track for the current queue and has no effect on the algorithm. I won’t believe that until I hear from someone on the inside though.

My experience says that will not be a problem, particularly now that Roon has TIDAL and/or QOBUZ to pull from. I believe the thumbs up means add it to the queue or “no” don’t add it.

My hope is that a kind hearted Roon guy, such as @Mike, will simply affirm or amend my statements here. You are quite correct, pstrisik, I only have opinions. Sorry I can’t help more. Best wishes,

This does seem like a good idea from the outset however I’m not sure that even if we all knew how the algorithm works that it would help inform our decisions to react to track picks in a way that didn’t require thinking too much.
However, I would really like some guidance and assurance on how to deal with situations that aren’t based on taste. For example, what do I do about Roon selecting a 5.1 version of a track, when the stereo version is available in the local library and on streaming services? I like the track and agree it fits with the seed track/artist and would like to hear it but not the 5.1 version while playback is to a 2 channel endpoint. If I thumbs down the track or say it doesn’t fit, does that mean the stereo versions will be skipped in the future?

The thumbs up also allows the algorithm to determine what works and what doesn’t. So it can learn to avoid playing those little fillers or tracks that don’t work outside of an album. Also if what it’s chosen matches what you after on this occasion. The more you use the thumbs up thebetter the algorithm for your tastes. Well that’s the theory anyway.

There are two sets of thumbs up/down. To which do you refer?

Check out Brian’s detailed reponse!