Roon Radio 1.6 Feedback Thread

Been listening to the Roon Radio exclusively since 1.6 release. The journey it took on me last evening was magical. Thank You Roon Team.


Radio was nice, when it actually worked. It is currently wheels-up, has been so for at least a day, and no response from Roon yet.

I agree with this feedback. The text in the box is misleading, Roon Radio goes on the last song played from the Queue. I think they should change the wording there.

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If giving a thumbs up to a “future” song does affect your personalized algorithm, then it does in fact interfere with the ability to build a long queue of upcoming songs freely. I wouldn’t want to worry about ruining my personalization when I want to build a queue for the next hour and having to guess whether my thumbs up/down will go in line with my taste…

I have used 1.6 radio to my RIVA powered speaker which doesn’t appear to make sound when playing HiRez files (local or Tidal). They play without sound and then the next cd quality track plays with sound.

I also noticed my local library has almost all the same tracks being played on radio although some are chosen from tidal instead. This is true as long as I seed <1990 regular rock album tracks. Other seeds send me into new exploration. No complaints. Sometimes I like exploration. Sometimes I just want smart playlists of my core collection.

I do need to figure out how to address the hi Rez powered speaker issue and not impact my love of hi Rez in main HiFi.

I started a thread hoping for some official guidance about the impact of the various features on the algorithm:


Roon radio just threw me two country tracks in a row. I loathe country music. I can make an educated guess about why these tracks turned up and occurences like this are inevitable.

A suggestion for a future iteration: an option to exclude genres.

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As I have an extensive local library (> 2000 albums), I would most certainly prefer Roon Radio to check and play the local version of a track iso playing it from Qobuz.
Not only will this be more economical (computer/network infrastructure, energy cost, …), in a lot of cases I have better quality version locally than offered by Qobuz/Roon radio.

For now, I am going to limit Radio to my local library.
To explore new music, I will testing out the playlists offered by Qobuz. I am sure that I have more conflicts with my taste of music, but I can always skip forward (as I would need to do in Roon Radio)

Will give Roon Radio a retrial in a month or so.

Good questions. I don’t know what the desired match is supposed to look like but I am enjoying it

I am not trying g to train the AI engine by picking and sticking with songs so not to give false I,oressions. I skip songs I love if I don’t want to hear them. I do try to answer that question. I like the songs to build a queue and then may skip if I don’t like it when it plays. In general I am going about my business of using the tool and lettting it do its thing. It is tempting to hesitate on button pushing wondering how it might impact

Outside radio I can be a confusing user. Last night I was A -Bing sections of same songs between Tiday MQA MFSl sacd a d favorite old CDs. Skips. Starts. Repeat.

I am a “shuffle the entire library” type listener and had never really used the Radio feature until the new large radio window made it something I could no longer ignore with ver 1.6. So I tried it, and I must say it is pretty interesting. I still like the often jarring segues that shuffle (or random) play gives me, but the thematic selections are pleasant also, and it is now my wife’s preferred listening mode.

Someone will have to tell me why a radio selection based on Jefferson Airplane brings up Diana Krall, but hey, random is cool with me. :slight_smile:

Does radio gets trained by what I add to the playlist or only by its own choices?
For example, I start the radio with a seed and after a while Radio plays a song that remind me of another one, I decide to put it on the queue as next. Does radio register this and use this information at the same level as a thumbs up?

See Brian’s explanation and further discussions here:


Can you please tell me what criteria the radio uses for the format? Does roon radio play mqa if it’s available? Thanks

A suggestion: set a limit to the number of times an artist reappears in Radio over a given time period (say once an hour, once every two hours,…) or let the user parametrize this if possible.

Track choices are fine but artists tend to get very repetitive.

Another nice feature would be banning: artists, genres, tracks…

Kudos for the current version though…

There is repetition avoidance in the algorithm. Can you tell us what Roon Radio was using as its initial source and which artist got excessively repeated ?

You can ban albums and tracks in your own library from being used by Roon Radio with the heart icon. It toggles favourite, ban, off.

For instance: I started off with Bowie’s Life on Mars this morning, got Lou Reed, Led Zep, The Who (twice within 15 minutes), T Rex (twice within half an hour), Roxy Music, Rolling Stones (don’t like the Stones so skipped with “don’t like this track”), got John Lennon ( don’t like John Lennon, so did same), got ZZ Top (don’t know why, but it fit), got Brian Ferry (damn close to Roxy Music), got the Bloody Stones again, got that whiner John Lennon again, got the New York Dolls, got Iggy and the Stooges, got Bowie himself again, got the bleeding Stones again and gave up and selected a new track to seed from.

My history doesn’t go back to this morning, Radio goes into the same error as yesterday from time to time, always after a local library track, so I might have gotten the order mixed up.

Have been reseeding Radio regularly because it keeps turning within the same 7 to 10 artists.

Been having problems with Radio reverting to local library since half an hour or so.

I suppose these are teething problems. If this persists (the repetitiveness, that is) I’ll try to find the time to go into the logs and annotate what didn’t work for me. I hope I can free a bit of time for this.

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I hope not :grin:

does anyone else also get’s the unexpected error message which forces Roon to user the Radio feature only within the own library?

Tried rebooting the core, still the same error. Worked perfectly this morning (and I love the new feature very much!)

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It seems to me a fantastic feature.
I’ve discovered 3 albums and great artists (yesterday)

Today I’m expereincing some issues like this one…

Yesterday it worked like a charm.

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Glad I’m not alone with this :slight_smile:

You have an awesome name! Are you Italian? I love to drink a Limoncello after dinner :slight_smile:

Greetings from Switzerland