Roon Radio 1.6 Feedback Thread

Roon 1.6 sees Brian’s AI take over the world … well Phase 1 anyway.

There are inbuilt controls to say “Good AI” or show it the rolled up newspaper.

This thread is to report selections where you think some tweaking is required. But we don’t just want to know the bad news. Share your favourites here.


Hi Andrew, I am still in my trial period so have only basic Roon experience. But I really like what I see and am ready to sign up. I noticed that Roon 1.5’s implementation of radio was not comparable to Spotify’s, the latter really helps me to discover new music. I did some quick tests this morning and it seems that Brian’s AI is working well for me. I do have a quick question though; When playing the latest James Blake album and switching over to ‘Roon radio’ based on that album I noticed a message saying something like ‘radio is limited to the music already in the library’. When I did another test a bit later with an older SOHN album, I did not see this message. Reverting back to James Blake and the message was now gone too. Did I see the message because indexing and AI were still at work? And is radio not limited to the music already in my library? Thanks!

It might be because that album was still being indexed, yes.

Roon Radio in 1.6 goes outside of your library, just like Spotify.

Our trial experience is not compromised–you’re getting the same thing as people who have paid right now :slight_smile: . Enjoy.


I just updated my Roon software to version 1.6 and downloaded the new iPad Roon app from the app store. I was listening to a library song after which Roon Radio took over and suddenly I heard music I knew wasnt in my library. Way to go, my biggest concern regarding Roon Radio taken care of. Thanks a million Brian (and Roon team of course).



Selections so far are working very well for me.
One behaviour I find unusual is that most tracks the Roon Radio plays that I have in my library it plays the Tidal version. I’d prefer it played the local track unless the Tidal version was a higher bitrate. I’ve seen some Tidal tracks that are AAC where I have the Flac version in my local library.


Hello there

I understand the thumbs up & down doesn’t work for local content only, correct?

So I am still facing with this issue: every time I click “thumb down”, the artist keep popping up.

It still lacks a bit of randomness, I have “a feeling” that it plays only 20% of the full library in terms of artists.

Regarding the AI algorithm, just for curiosity, could you tell us more about what models & cloud providers or APIs you are using? How do you handle randomness and biais?

Very nice to see Tidal and Qobuz being implemented into radio. However, is there a possibilty to turn the Tidal part on and off?
Radio is nice for discovering and nice for playback at work but when I’m working I don’t have the time to be bussuy with liking/disliking new music.

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There is a play only from library switch but it goes back to the non ML algorithms.

Where can I find that switch?

I’m away from roon but maybe the queue screen either on screen or in the dots. ( Might be wrong) the capability is mentioned in the release notes.

In the 3 dots menu on the right of the Queue header section…

Ah found it but not after activly searching for it for more then five minutes, wich means it is intuitivly hidden in the wrong place imho. Why is it not in the sidebar that says “Roon Radio”?

Because then we’d be having 3 dots menus all over the shop?

And if you turn it on, then you’ll see an explicit button in Roon Radio…

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Who says it has to be a three dot menu?

Because there’s also the option to filter out explicit content…

The same here, I want to play first my local files and when it plays from Tidal or Qobuz, it should allways take .flac if possible.

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OK, most of you are positive to the ROON Radio. I myself have not a clue to find it? Where do I add Radio Stations based on ie the country I am in? Based on the genre I am looking for (ie Reggae) ?
Yes I can now find a QUE button, that plays various tracks. But that’s not IMHO a RADIO! A radio is listening to streaming audio, like Radio Paradise or something like that. And where does Roon find Radio Paradise?

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Hi @KnockKnock,

I think you are confusing Roon Radio which is about selecting choice tracks using a seed (track, alfrom a pool of material from your local library plus (if subscribed) TIDAL & QOBOZ… vs. streaming from Internet Radio Stations.

Personaly, I don’t like the term “Roon Radio” as it can lead to this misunderstanding, but it Roon’s choice on that.