Random Pull From Large Focus

Prior to discovering Roon I used iTunes extensively with a number of smart playlists. My main smart playlist would be a mix of new stuff that I had recently added to my library and older tracks I had not listened to in awhile. As the overall list of older tracks would be significantly longer than the list of new stuff, I would pull in a maximum number of tracks from the ‘older stuff’ playlist to even it out with the ‘newer stuff’. Then my main playlist would be something like 100 newer tracks and 100 older tracks. With Live Updating in iTunes as soon as an older track played, it would be removed from the playlist and replaced with a different older track. The newer stuff would stay in the rotation until it hit a certain number of plays.

In Roon I can see how I can accomplish some of this, minus the ‘maximum’ number of older tracks. Would it be possible to add something like this? For example, right now in Roon my Unplayed list (Focus of reverse ‘Played in last year’) is over 8,000 tracks. Would it be possible to add a feature where I can further select a random number of these tracks, with that random number specified by the user?


I’m disappointed to see no discussion here. I’m currently in trial with Roon. In iTunes I have a smart playlist that is everything I have not played in more than 14 months. I don’t see any way to do something similar in Roon.

The track meta data is available, and I love that % of song played is available in the database. But frustrated that it’s not available to me in the focus criteria.

Anybody have any other thoughts on this?

There is a thread started by Roon asking for ideas about playlists.

This is the best place to explain what you would like Roon to do in the future version which will have a lot of playlist optimisation.