Raspberry Pi 4 HDMI Output

Hi, Would anyone know what maximum sample rate is available from the HDMI output of a Raspberry Pi 4 ? Considering getting one as a Roon endpoint into my Devialet D Premier. Thank You

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I don’t believe the HDMI port is supported, I think you may need a s/pdif hat. But I’m happy to be corrected.

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Hi Tom,

For a Roon bridge, as Mike mentioned above, not needed. I am running 2 Pi 3B with Ropieee and a couple of Google Chromecast Ultra for the display’s. So far very happy.

Works with Volumio and Roon plugin. I used 96khz.

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This is something I have zero personal experience with, but I thought it all depends on which OS your RPi4 is on. If it’s RoPieee, then, as my understanding goes, HDMI NOT supported. Don’t know about which other OS’s might support it, but certainly the HDMI output is there for a reason. Do all RPi4 compatible OS’s shutdown the HDMI port when Roon Bridge is installed (of course with RoPieee, you don’t need to have a separate instance of Roon Bridge installation, correct?) Thinking of tinkering with the Raspberry Pi4, so I actually would like to know a definitive answer to the OP’s question.

I’ve moved this over to the #audio-products:raspberry-pi area as its device specific.

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You’re quick on the draw; thought I corrupted the OP’s thread somehow. The exact second after I posted, the whole thread disappeared! :laughing: :wink:

Thank you for the input and posts. Much appreciated.

As said, it works with Volumio and its Roon bridge plugin.

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Does it now support multi-channel audio over HDMI? For a long time, this has not been possible using Linux(es) on RPi; just wondering if the situation has changed…

It works. As room bridge plugin for Volumio. I suspect that DHCP is an issue and the Volumio people forgot about it…I have no other idea why Ropie3 disables the HDMI port. As the R4 has two HDMI port, it should be possible to use one in a more audiophile fashion, like the Oppos do.

Hi @Joachim_Strobel , are you using 2-channel stereo output of HDMI with RPi4 and Volumio?

Or multichannel?

I tried Mch but the result is a bit bizarre. All channels are wrongly assigned, so it seem. For Mch I use hdmi from a pc feeding an Oppo103 feeding a NanoAvr, that works reliably. I have to find time to fix Raspi’s HDMI in Mch mode. For regular Stereo I use Raat to Raspi with HDMI out. I benchmarked that against the Oppo and can not hear a difference (both feed my NanoAvr)

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Yup. Same here.

@Joachim_Strobel @David_Snyder

I’ve only seen RPi4 HDMI MCH reported working by way of a hack:

Raspberry Pi Music Server With Built-in Crossover and DSP : 12 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

When you guys say wrongly assigned, are you actually hearing more than 2 channels to wrong speakers?

Or only hearing 2 channels on the wrong speakers?

Volumio with Roon Bridge as Plugin can output multichannel through HDMI.
I’ve used Volumio not on a RPi, but on a Sparky and x86-PC and also here the channels are not assigned correctly.
Now I’ve changed to Rock (used only as endpoint), where this problem doesn’t occure.

Hi @Burkhardt_Petermann ,

Linux on PC hardware (like ROCK, Volumio, HQPlayer Embedded, Ubuntu etc) can all do it no problems but Linux on RPi4 hardware (which is what this thread is specifically about) is the challenge.

Sparky is/was a RPi with some changes…
Also I’m using PicorePlayer on a RPi3 with Roon Bridge and HDMI out (until eight channels with 192/24) and there don’t exists the “channel problem”.

There are quite important differences. They aren’t the same even though both are small SBCs.

As an example, ask RoPieee developer (who supports RPi4) why Sparky was not supported… And why DietPi development on Sparky has slowed (stopped?)

That’s interesting, I have an RPi3 somewhere I can test.

I believe that I hear 4 channels. The centre channel seems to be the issue.
I hear more noise when switching to Mch. That is the reason why I am not following it up more.
For 2ch from HDMI, HDCP does not have to be engaged. For Mch it has to be added and a license has to be obtained by the vender. I am not sure if Raspi does have a proper HDMI Mch license. The various experiences with Mch from the Raspi might reflect the developers courage to take a chance. It would be great to read more about this issue.

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