Raspberry Pi 5 Coming in October

Hi @spockfish, maybe a little early to ask this question, but any plans to support the new RPi5 when it’s released in October?

And as always, thanks for the amazing software!


I’ve already ordered one :wink:


I wonder what could be the benefits of Raspi 5 as a Ropieee endpoint.

What I see :

  1. Better USB3 streaming ?
  2. Less energy consumption for same workload ?
  3. Return of bluetooth in Ropiee XL with new BT 5.0 BLE? (I am dreaming…)
  4. Fast bootup
  5. Other ?

What are your educated guesses ?

  • USB improvements are always welcome :wink:
  • but for me: an RTC! one of the biggest missing items on the Pi
  • improved storage throughput: that means faster updates (it takes less time to write the update to disk)
  • indeed fast(er) bootup
  • the overall performance improvements, combined with an equal power consumption (???) could be interesting to have a closer look (I already played with a little bit) to provide some kind of under clocking setting(s)

What is this exactly?

Useful for Ropieee ?

Yes. For all kinds of purposes, it’s important that the system runs ‘on time’.
RoPieee uses NTP for that, but has quite some ‘magic’ on board to get the initial time.
That complexity is not necessary with an RTC onboard.

But I agree, this is purely interesting from a ‘nerd’ perspective and doesn’t bring anything on a functional level :wink:

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It also brings an on-board cooler fan - hopefully the third party market will be able to come up with a fanless solution… The only noise I like to hear in my listening spaces is the music :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s optional, right?

Optional as in strongly recommended I suspect. Time will tell…

Raspi 5 should consume less energy for the same workload, and hence dissipate less heat. For me this is the major point of the new Raspi 5 for Ropieee, which can be on 24/7

Can we assume this is a no and the rpi4 image won’t work?

There will be a dedicated Pi5 image.


When will ropieee for the pi 5 be availiable ?
Thank you

You can already order flirc cases for the pi5, without cooler fan…

received my pi5 recently, and i’ll be happy to help with any beta testing when the time comes

one thing i noticed when running pi OS lite … it gets stuck early on during first boot if i have a usb dac (dragonfly) plugged in … this is with a ~ 4A supply … had to wait and plug in the dac later

Here’s a first build: https://image.ropieee.io/ropieeexl_ose_pi5-2023.11.0-beta.20231127.1184.bin

Now, admittely this is a ‘blind’ image: I’ve done the things that (at least) need to happen, but as I still don’t have the device I can’t test it myself.

There might be a slight chance that it boots. In that case feedback would be interesting .

I leave it up to you if you’re willing to spend your precious time with this :wink:

It doesnt boot. Pi5(4GB) hardwired to the internet and hdmi out to tv.

Movie? Pretty please? :joy: