Raspberry pi4 vs iPhone


I have the following

Raspberry pi4
Dragonfly black
Emotiva GR1 headphones

When I listen to music played through by Roon through the Pi4-dragonfly-headphones I get crackling through the headphones in the silent parts.

Through my iPhone it’s perfect no noise at all in the silent parts.

Is this to do with electrical interference? I’m using the basic power cable for the pi.

If so do you have any suggestions, if not does anyone know what it could be?

OS on the pi?



you have not mentioned any HAT so assuming none.

Have you tested connecting the Dragonfly in all the USB connections? Do you experience the same issues?

No HAT just the standard Pi4 with RIOPee

I have yes it all of them

The crackling is as if I am listening to vinyl

Try a different cable too, if you haven’t already.

Thanks any suggestions?

I’ve never experienced noise like that affecting all of my usb connections on any of my Raspberry Pi. The stock Raspberry power supply are normally very good and have never caused me any problems.

Do you have something other than the Dragonfly to test?

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I dont think I do, I’m not that techie.

I have a Marantz MCR612 which is my main amp/dac/streamer . Not sure if I can plug the Pi into that first?

The dragonfly works perfectly on my phone with no noise


had a very quick look at the MCR612 the usb connection is only for a thumb drive etc not for connection to PC or Pi according to the manual.

What are you actually using the Pi for?

Hi Andy

I’m using it as a Roon endpoint and plugging my headphones into the dragonfly that plugs into the Pi4

I dont know whether this helps or not but I just plugged my headphones into the jack on the pi4 with no music and there is no noise sound

Then I plug the dragonfly dac into the USB with the phones and no music and there is noise

It might just be that you have a bad board.


is there a specific reason you are using the Pi over your computer or phone direct from the Roon app?

What power supply are you using for the Pi4. It is possible that it is underpowered.


By default, Pi4 USB is clean and shouldn’t introduce any audible noises. So either your Pi is somehow defectice or then it doesn’t have enough power to provide for your DAC that is USB powered. I’d check the latter first by verifying what power supply you’re using and possibly switching that over to a beefier one.

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You could try reflashing the OS image. The only problem I have ever had with my 2 x pi was a dodgy SD card


most likely power, I did not ask if he was using the stock Raspberry Pi power adapter.

Refreshing would likely have zero effect on crackling.

Probably yes, both mine have the bog standard wall wart that comes with the pi kit.

Looks like the basic power?

Ok thanks for all your help but I think Ive found the issue

Ive tested every component of what makes up the circuit and its the Ethernet supply

I’m using a TP link for my internet supply

If I plug the supply directly into the router everything is fine

So I guess I need to address that and why the TP link is creating so much white noise