RaspDIGI LTE LVDS V2 Streamer I2S LVDS HDMI Allo Kali

Excuse the long title but that’s only the name of the product that I just purchased from Audiophonics!
I have contacted Audiophonics for help on this but I am not getting a useful response.
I don’t pretend to have any Linux experience but I do know my way around networking audio to some extent.
This one’s got me stumped. The device is meant to send an I2S stream, via HDMI to a suitable DAC, in this case my Direct Stream Junior which it is meant to be compatible with. I chose Dietpi as i couldn’t see any other PI operating systems that worked with Roon.
I am using Roon with a Roon Rock server. I have installed Dietpi on my RaspPI device. I enabled the Allo web interface (to make accessing the unit easier).I went into the config > Audio settings in Dietpi and have basically gone through every output option listed there. I am getting 3 different results depending on the output I pick. For example Allo Digione results in Roon not seeing the device across the network. If I pick RPI-DAC then I can see it in Roon but I get a horrible distorted sound when I pick the device and stream to it in Roon. If I choose RPI BCM 2835 then I can see it in Roon and then when I play to it, I get silence. If I pick the “generic USB” option then every time I go out of the pick device option, I get “none” displayed and Roon cannot see the device.
I have checked the HMDI cable and swapped it out with another good cable. The cables are less than 1m so they are within spec’ for the LVDS.
And lastly, the very short response from Audiophonics was “2. This driver is for the Onboard sound card (of the PI), not for an I2S output.
“if you want to use this software solution just choose a generic I2S driver (RPI DAC, Hifiberry DAC, ES9023 etc …).”
I’m not having such a great experience with this device which is a shame. I expected some setting up as it is not sold as a plug&play solution but still, I am trying to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and I am getting a blank. P.S. The Audiophonic site is meant to have a forum. It is non-existent as far as I can see and if you click on the forum link nothing happens. Grrrr.
Thanks in advance for any help!


I found the answer myself. It seems that Audiophonics, the vendor, don’t know how to set up their own machine. There are jumpers inside on the HMDI output board that need to be set to “PS”. Audiophonics asked me to send the unit back as it was “faulty” which would have meant stumping up for postage to France and then of course, they would have discovered it wasn’t faulty when it got there (assuming they were able to work out how THEIR device works) and then I’d have to pay international post back to Australia. I sorted it out myself no thanks to them.

In other words, this device connect feed a PS Audio DirectStream DAC vía I2S?
Please excuse the question but I could not fully understand the previous posts as English is not my first language.
I have an Oppo UDP-205 and a PA Audio DirectStream DAC. I’m looking for a device to use in between the HDMI out of the Oppo to the input of the PS Audio to playback my SACD connect in native DSD format.
Any help is greatly appreciated.