Raspi4 & Volumio & RoonBridge: Second HDMI port?

Win10-32, latest Roon


Raspi4 with Volumio and Roon Bridge 1.0

Description Of Issue

Roon offers both HDMI ports as outputs. One is called HDMI the other HDMI1. However, both go to the same HDMI port, the first one next to the USBC port. Is that done intentionally? Volumio only offer the option HDMI as output and only uses the first HDMI port. Is that hence a Volumio problem? Is there a package that uses the second HDMI port with Roon, possibly with a relaxed Video mode to allow better Audio packaging?

Last time up I used Kodi and there was no audio on the hdmi farthest from the power connection (usbc)

Hello @Joachim_Strobel, and thanks for your question! I passed this thread along to the team for further input. They noted that Roon queries the audio driver for the device and reflects what the audio system reports back to us. Therefore, Volumio would likely have the best answer for this question.

Thanks for the effort and the answer. I tried the Volumio support already, I am waiting (Roon support is outstanding good…)
I will check the config.txt too.

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