Raspiberry Pi 3 and InnoMaker HiFi Dac HAT

Roon Core Machine

Linux Roon Core installed on a vm
Ubuntu 20.04

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1gb switch with ubiquiti mesh wireless network. About 30 wireless devices in my house no others have a issue.

Connected Audio Devices

Connected to my Yamaha R-S202 rca cable from the innomaker hat

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I recently built a room bridge with a raspberry pi 3 and a hifi berry hat. While listening sometimes mid song it skips to another song. I pulled up the client on my Mac, it flashes a message that’s too fast for me to catch. But it’s something about network slowness. Where do I find details about the issue. Also my network isn’t slow the client is about 15ft from the ap.cc

Are Core and endpoint connected via Wi-Fi? Furthermore, what DNS servers do you use?

Core is wired on a server as a vmware vm. Endpoint is wifi the ap is a floor below about 10 feet directly below. There is a local DNS server on the network they are both connected to.

What is the public DNS server, e.g.,, etc? and What part does DNS play in this mix everything is local.

Roon pulls metadata etc. from Roon Cloud servers, and if you’re streaming, fast DNS really helps Roon to perform.

Are you streaming local media? If so, where is this relative to your Core, and what bit-depth and sample rates exhibit issues?

I only use Roon with local media. The data is stored on another server on the same network connected to the same switch, that server runs unraid. When I used my chrome cast audio for other endpoints i don’t get this issue. Plex is running on the same server (different vm) as the roon core no issues ever. This started with the new raspberry pi.

Also don’t remember what bit-depth or samples is there some logs i can refer back too.

You said, “While listening sometimes mid song it skips to another song”, so if you try now, does this happen with all recording or only some?

Below is the screenshot of the error. It happens no matter what the bit rate is. I’ve received it on 192K or flac music. If I play these same songs to another endpoint no issues. Do you need to see other bit rates?

What happens if you disable sample rate conversion? Your Core is struggling to perform this… note the processing speed of 1.3.

As an aside, you could try Power of 2 upsampling instead. I find that this yields positive results with the PCM5122 in your Allo Boss. But only try this after disabling.

I disabled conversion sampling. Do I need to turn that on? My core is on a VM, there are more resources to throw at the VM. I don’t know that my ears can hear huge differences in sound. My goal with Roon is to play music on the sound systems throughout my house. Im not totally sure what “Power of 2 upsampling” is, but again do I need it?

Thank you for your help in resolving this. I really appreciate it.

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No, it’s not essential. I’d keep sample rate turned off unless you can hear a difference. Max power of 2 is an upsampling algorithm used in digital signal processing. You can read more here.

I am still getting the same condition. Can this be hardware issues from the roon core. I have not configured any DSP settings since turning off sample conversions.

Please share a screenshot of the entire signal path.

Do I read that you are using a RPi3 on wireless as your endpoint ?

If so you will find all sorts of threads mentioning exactly what you are quoting.

Roon is data intensive and hence network intensive , wireless often is a weak link. Many users (me included) gave up on wifi in preference for ethernet purely for stability (No matter how fast your WiFi is )

If you can run an ethernet cable (even as a test) to the pi and see if that improves matters. I one used a WiFi Extender with an Ethernet port to rig a cable on wireless that was way better than “raw wifi”

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