RCA switcher / preamplifier needed

I’m in need of a single ended switcher in order to connect multiple RCA sources to the analogue input of my PS Sprout integrated amplifier. Since I’ve got at least three sources, something like the $49 Schiit SYS wouldn’t be enough. But a $2,000 Townshend Allegri would be a bit out of my budget range for a simple (yet quality) switcher…
Any suggestions?

Emotiva SP-1 3 RCA in plus a nice phono stage that has mm/mc too

thanks! Actually, that phono stage would be one of my inputs but I already have one… And I really like the passive approach of the SYS and Allegri. If possible, I would rather try to avoid another plug.

Maybe I’ve found something… I wasn’t aware that Schiit is actually shipping their latest preamps, Saga for example. I know, another plug but 5 inputs and 2 outputs seem to be a good deal here for $349.

The SP-1 is basically a switched 4 relay input but one has a phono stage, and quite a good one at that. It has a remote too that the sprout doesn’t, and it isn’t active per SE as the volume on the remote is actually to control the DAC DC-1 that it is typically paired with. I actually use the SP-1 when ABC testing different DACs sound.

I have the circuit diagrams and all thets in the audio path is a set of relay contacts

thanks Paul, I’ll look into it and will try to get my hands on a SP-1. There are several decent hifi dealers around at my place.

Emotiva have a 15% off sale on now if that helps…and a 30 day trial for USA based buyers too if I am not wrong.