Re-adding Zones after every launch

Description Of Issue

I need to re-add my DAC(s)/Zones almost every time (4 times out of 5) I start Roon, and it is super tedious. This happens on multiple machines and with different DACs. Additionally, if I leave Roon running on a machine that goes to sleep - it requires a full restart of the software for the devices to be recognized.

The kicker is that this resets all the settings for each DAC as well, e.g. EQ, Audeze presents, and the catastrophe that is Roon radio. I’ll put on some nice quiet music to fall asleep, and then – since I forgot to re-cancel Roon radio – some thumping, loud music will play, waking me and my wife up.

Does anyone else have this issue? Workarounds are fine - anything to not have to deal with 2 minutes of set-up each time I launch. I’ve started using the Qobuz app more and more and it works fine (so does Apple Music).

It’s gotten frustrating enough that, despite all its pluses, I don’t think I will renew Roon for next year unless I can fix it (or they significantly improve their lackluster design and UX).

So – If there are recommendations for other local media playback options – I’m all ears. Two apps that work is better than one that doesn’t, even if I’ll miss Roon’s many excellent features.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

CORE: Synology NAS running 1.7, build 571,
CLIENTS: 2 Macbook Pro (2015, 2019) and iPhone XS (same build)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Mesh Wifi network with 1GB symmetrical fiber optic internet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Monoprice MONOLITH (USB), Oppo HA-2se (USB), Schiit Modi 3 multibit (USB), Presonus Quantum 2 (Thunderbolt 2), Apogee Duet (USB-C)

Just to be clear, you run the core on the NAS, do you leave the NAS on all the time or are you turning it off, or putting it to sleep.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick reply. The NAS runs 24/7. I might reboot it every 3 months or so (software updates, etc.) – but besides that – Roon Core is always on.

So when you say you need to add zones after every room launch, do you mean client or server?
What is the roon core on, the NAS or something else?

Roon CORE is on the NAS and it does show LAN connection Zones (smart speakers, connected TVs, etc.). I need to re-add the USB DACs that are connected to my laptop each time I run the CLIENT software (macOS version), as I typically listen with headphones.

That sounds like an issue with the Mac to usb part. Good to narrow things down.

Hello @Jeffrey_Pierce, and thanks for your report! Would you be able to try Roon “all-in-one” on your Mac and see if you still have this issue when you reboot?

Yes Nuwriy,

I can try that this weekend. What should I be looking for/paying extra attention/etc. - so to apply it back to my situation?



Hello @Jeffrey_Pierce, and that’s a great question! I double-checked with the team to be sure and nothing particular to look for, our main goal here is to see if the same behavior is displayed on a different core.

Hi @nuwriy,

I forgot to write back with my results. I’ve been busy listening to music with out frustration. Ha! I moved to a local core - and everything seemed to work as expected. My DACs even showed up in Roon with no additional “intervention” when powered on. I hadn’t seen that before! I always had to ensure my DACs were powered on before opening Roon for them to be recognized in the past.

With that success, I went back and rebuilt a core on my NAS - and now everything is working as it was with the local core. I guess rebuilding was the key to fixing my issues. Roon Radio settings are persisting as well. Strange outcome - but I’m satisfied :wink:

I’ll update this thread if I find any more concrete reasons for my initial errors, so others who might experience can find resolution.

Thanks for the help Roon community!


Hey @Jeffrey_Pierce, that’s awesome news! Please let us know if you have any further questions, we’re happy to help!

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