Re-installing Roon 1.7

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Roon ROCK on Intel Nuc 10 i7

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Hi guys, is there anyway for me to go back to 1.7 ROCK? We have a major inconvenience issue with the 1.8 version. We used tracks shuffle everyday on almost each endpoint and the new version lost the main feature we need.

1, whole library shuffle to re-explore our collections. It is only limited to the first 5000 tracks in 1.8 now.

2, 1.8 has no “end” botton to stop the playlist at where we wanted. It is very very important to us so we can stop the music after pre-selected list, especially helpful for my bedroom listening.

3, Where is the thumb up or down feature to create my own shuffle playlist? I know this feature still exist in Roon radio but its now limited to genre of tracks I selected manually prior. I want the whole library random Roon radio or track shuffle. I used the previous shuffle feature to create, say, a list of songs that started interesting for the first 30mins or so then goes to more relaxing music for another 30mins or so for the bedroom system. In my main system, I used thumb up or down to avoid some poorly recorded tracks and re-explore tracks I rarely played. Roon 1.8 just does not give me enough flexibility in shuffle function now.

It would be nice for me to go back to 1.7 version until I am fully happy with the future 1.8 updates. Is that possible?


I think Roon is in the process of fixing the shuffle bug.

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Thanks but my point 2 & 3 above are not bugs. I thought these were design decisions to remove Roon Radio like features in the shuffle?

Hi @Eddie_Hsu

Please check out our latest release, Build 763. While the changes in 1.8 were intended to make the album browser’s play options more consistent with other screens, we know that shuffle was not actually selecting content from across your entire library.

This has now been resolved, and it’s once again easy to play a completely random selection of music from your library.

Full release notes: