Real time lyrics

Documentation is a bit unclear about the real time lyrics. Is this built in to the Roon Core and Remotes, or do I need to link another product (like Chrome) to get this functionality? When I go to Setting-Display on the Core or Remote (Ipad), no display devices are shown although Chrome is my default browser on both devices.

Frankly, if I have to configure and support another product just to get this feature I do not think it is worth it. I’ll pass for now. I really think this should be integal to Roon, not dependent on a third party browser.

It can be any supported web browser on any web browsing device, another computer, a tablet web browser, a phone’s web browser. Does not have to be a Chromecast device.

This shows how to use it. Works on everything and is built in. RTFM.

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Have rebooted my core, same issue. What i am seeing under setting/display is


I am very reluctant to start messing with a perfectly working Roon system just to get this feature to work. Is there a step by step instruction to enable this? My experience in the past on depending on a browser’s stability has hot been great.

As Ged said, read the manual.

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Thanks, manual left a couple of steps out (many be obvious to most or I just missed them) - I’ll try it now that I know what to do and why. Thanks

Did this on my Roon Core machine as instructed in manual. After getting this copied into my web browser (Chrome) and clearing its cache - all I can get in the Setting/Display is


Nothing about Chromecast. The browser window only display Roon, but no lyrics when play content that is in my library and shows the lyrics have timing info. Not sure where to go from here.

I also tried this on my Roon Remote Ipad which I use as my remote for Roon, and here I cannot even get the Setting/Display to show the display device as chrome - maybe the Ipad doesn’t support real multitasking for this.

Yes, because Chromecast refers to Chromecast hardware. Your screenshot shows an active web display: your Chrome browser running on a Windows 7 machine. Here’s what I see on my setup, a Chromecast device (a Chromecast Ultra attached to my TV), and two web displays that I’ve opened up in my Chrome and Edge web browsers.

On your iPad, if you start up a web display, I would expect it to be listed as a Safari browser…

Now, you say that your Chrome browser on your Windows 7 PC is only showing Roon. You mean, like this:

Have you attached the web display to the currently playing zone? Here, for example, I have a zone to which I have attached the web display in the Chrome browser, but not the web display in the Edge browser.

So the Edge browser is just showing “Roon”, while the Chrome browser is showing the currently playing track:

If, however, you mean that the web display is showing the currently playing track and album, but no scrolling lyrics, even when the track is flagged with the “Lyrics with timing info” icon, then make sure that you have enabled scrolling lyrics on the relevant web display:

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Thanks so much for your input. As an IT pro for 40+ yrs (retired), this feature is requiring far more effort than it is worth (for me). I have my main work PC, running the Roon Core, and a iPad Mini (Chrome as the default browser as much as possible) purchased and used to be the remote control for Roon. No other rooms, needs or people who want to listen to music, just me, with my system and speakers optimally positioned for my listening position. I can read the existing lyrics just fine without having them timed out for me, although it would be a neat feature, particularly if it was an added feature to the existing view lyrics function. Please close this topic as far as I am concerned - I hope the excellent advice provided to me is of benefit to others. Thanks

Yeah, this just doesn’t work for me. I copy and paste the display url in safari on an iPad and just get a generic Roon logo.

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Use Chrome on iPad.

Thanks. Chrome seems to work, but it is pretty temperamental.