Real time music visualization

I often use the display feature and cast “now playing information” and lyrics to my TV. It would add magic and fun to the Roon experience if you could add a real time music visualization feature alongside the existing display feature. Perhaps something similar to the MilkDrop plugin for Winamp.


You know you can do this without help from Roon, at least on some hardware?

Yes, please.

I would love to see this added to endpoint options. I’m very accustomed to using Kodi’s interface (and I’m not trying to make Roon into Kodi), where the default skin has visualizers built in, including the incredible ProjectM.

I do like seeing a slideshow of artist backdrops, but I would love the option in Roon Remotes to include visualizations.

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Milk drop was way cool!
Please bring some visualization.

yes please! love this idea. Winamp days were so good. so many different skins and visuals, think they had some sort of plug-in thing going

I run visualizers with Roon all the time. Works great.

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How do you do that James?

Windows only: zone-group your DAC with the system audio output, then configure the visualizer to sync with the system audio. There are lots of visualizers that will work off system audio.

oh wow, that sounds interesting. I’m going to try this.

Any visualizers you recommend? free, or paid.

G-Force and Whitecap are both very good. These are full-screen or windowed and don’t integrate with any Roon interface, but I think full screen is really the best. Try G-Force on an 82 inch TV and you’ll lose a day just staring at it!

I would also like to see this, partly because its a cool feature but also because its not always possible to add external ones. For example, in my case Roon plays directly to HQPlayer (with a custom made protocol) and then to NAA on streamer. No way to “patch in” an external software in that case.

It’s one of the reasons I bought the RME ADI 2 DAC.

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That is what I was going to buy (not just for the visualisation) before the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3 was Roon Ready.

So many good options available and I think I would have been Very happy with it.
A very nice device

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I tried both Whitecap & G-force. Didn’t like either of them. Whitecap has a bunch of random 3D mesh objects at low resolution. I went through all the waveforms and didn’t like any of them. Ugly :frowning:

G-force is more of the same, but instead of mesh wireframes they are some line-art with a weird motion blur effect. Not appealing to the eye at all.

I’m looking for something more basic first, example a grid of bars (no 3D please) eg. Old school equalizer bars and all the variants.

Well I like them but whatever. I guess you have Googling to do.