Real Time Scanning with Windows Core vs Linux Core

Hi! @support
Same thing. Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, Roon server don’t scan realtime the music folders in attached network drives or (+add network share) in roon settings storage or any music folder in PC (I did not try to use USB).
The search will run after restarting.
Everything works well on Windows10, if something is changed in the folder, the Roon server detects it immediately …
Every roon version is the latest 1.3 Build 269 (64bit)
It would be nice if the linux version would work just like windows. :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance for your help.

We’ve had similar experiences generally, but not always.

We’re dependent on the network storage device and the Core’s operating system to communicate changes back to the Core in a timely manner. Generally speaking, Windows does seem to be better at this than Linux and MacOS, particularly if you’re just adding files, as opposed to creating or adding new folders.

We’re aware of this shortcoming generally and we have some long term plans that may allow us to more closely monitor network storage, but it’s a big project, and I don’t have any timeline for when that work might kick off.

In the mean time, we’ve made the automatic rescan time configurable, so you can have Roon periodically check the drive for changes more (or less) often.

Hope that helps @Norbert_Vereb!

Thank you for the information.
Maybe I’ll go back to Windows Core.