Really!? Must Be A Joke [Best Digital Interconnects $1,000 and Above]


@Jazzfan_NJ - That is a bargain compared to:

Ansuz acoustics PowerSwitch D3 = 5.800 EURO
Silent Angel Bonn NX switch 3.499 EURO


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Just a reminder that review results in TAS are directly proportional to item’s manufacturer’s advertising budget.


All the high end audio magazines always claim that their editorial and advertising departments are completely independent, so if that is not the case then they would be lying but then again lying is their entire stock and trade. :wink:


It’s not lying, it’s what they hear, which is subjective, 'cause it’s a hobby blah blah.

Oops I forgot that golden ears can hear as well as, if not better than, the most sensitive electronic test equipment. Plus their ears can hear well beyond the known limits and ranges of the human ear. Golden ears plus the ability to write page after page of flowery descriptions of what they “hear”, all while listening to some very obscure classical music, make for one great audio equipment reviewer.


I am shocked, shocked!

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Why do people need to go through this every time?


Because if you let it slide then some poor fool will start to believe all this nonsense and end up spending a lot of unnecessary money. Money that would be better spent on things like music, be it recorded or live.


Oh the days when this was high fidelity. Simple and worked for many years.


And this is high fidelity now (not my system by the way, I own Sonos products :grin:)


Do you care if I spend more money on cheese, cars, hotels - anything, than the next person?

Do you want to come and do an audit of my system and praise/chastise my choices?

I listened to this £300,000 system a few weeks ago

Was it good? It was Excellent
Was it better than my £50,000 system? Yes, it was
Can I afford it? No, I can’t
If I could afford it, would I buy it? Yes I would

Would you let me, or would you save me from my foolish self?

Oh, that’s right, it’s got nothing to do with you


I’d buy that in a heartbeat if I could afford it

I’d Chuck the wind up thing in a skip

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Anything in our hobby has a measurement. Anything that measures well may not necessarily sound good with some pieces of equipment. Just my view.

I hate the term snake oil. The most I have spent on interconnects was £125. I got 5 pairs. I got them because they looked good. They were golden coloured. They sounded ok to me. I cannot tell the difference between cables of any type, but that isn’t to say other don’t hear a difference.

I trust my non-golden ears and enjoy the music.

I’m a budget/music-first-ophile and prefer listening and taking about music.

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Darko makes a good case in here
Some people like some things more than others
Some people have the money and inclination to spend more money on some things than others


Your choice my friend what you spend your money on. No one should judge anyone (as long as no one gets hurt)

I appreciate high end equipment and love listening to it

I am also a realist and know I’d never be able to afford what some have. I’m ok with that.

Very true indeed. It’d be your choice.

What I think we all need to do is appreciate the beauty of our hobby and the technological advancements in the last few years.

Admire and not be jealous.


I’ll watch this later. Love Darko’s stuff. I have probably watched it but forgot. I’m looking for a new set of headphones soon anyway. :+1:

Good for you :grinning::+1:

I think ‘golden ears’ is a complete nonsense - anyone can tell live from a recording

Some people can afford to, and want to, try and make it sound live - I don’t think it ever will for 99.9999% of systems

But who’s been promoted, and by whom, to be the arbiter of who should buy what, for how much?

I’ve never been picketed outside a shop or garage or airport or etc etc by self important moral advisors telling me what I can or cannot buy

Why should it happen here, on a hobby site?!

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I think you need to draw the line somewhere. I’m not talking about any specific person here, but you can’t just fool people into buying anything for any price and get away with it.