Reboot from scratch help/password

I need to wipe everything clean and start from the beginning with the nucleus I just bought.
although the password I assigned is correct it wont let me connect to the network except as a guest is my first issue.

second issue is the nucleus is mot seeing my meridian 218 controller it picks up other nonrelted airplay apple items and I need to re do set up.

I have no files on it yet so if I can wipe it clean and start again that may be best option

You might be better waiting for support to help first.


Hello @Tony_D,

Before we go about wiping everything, can you please provide some more context for your issues?

  • What do you mean that you can’t connect the Nucleus to the network except as a guest? Is this while you are starting an SMB transfer or where are you seeing this behavior?

  • Have you made sure to upgrade your Nucleus to the newest firmware before first use? This is a necessary step to ensure that the hardware is up to date with all of our features, more information on the upgrade process can be found here

  • For the meridian 218 you have, how is it connected to the network? Is it on the same router or switch that the Nucleus is on? Have you been able to previously use the Meridian as an endpoint with other software? Is it perhaps set to a static IP address or is it configured to automatically assign itself an IP?


The interface is working fine, the meridian is as well all ok on the playback side. When I sign into the Nucleus on the network I must sign in as a guest.

I keep getting a user pr password error I am trying to reset and correct?

A screen would probably make things clearer.

Hi @Tony_D,

Are you referring to signing in to the Nucleus’ SMB share? If so, yes this would be done as a guest and the Nucleus cannot have other passwords set on it. If you are referring to the WebUI, I am not aware of there being a password needed to access this, so a screenshot would be useful.


Thanks for the response

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