Reboot Roon Core?

This is very basic and maybe a dumb question. I see a lot of “reboot Roon Core.” What is this exactly? A simple reboot of the machine where the core resides? Or something else?



Yes, reboot the computer.

On my Qnap NAS, Incan stop and restart the Roon App.

Every installation of Roon Server should provide it’s (OS dependent) way to just restart the Roon Server software. A restart of the Roon Server software is not the same as a reboot of the Roon Core (the machine/device Roon Server runs on). Some problems/situations can only be resolved (maybe) by a reboot of the core and a restart of the Roon Server alone may not change anything.

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If in doubt, re start the machine, but rebooting the app has always been enough for me with QNAP.

Hate to admit it, but I still need more clarification to understand what is involved….
When you say to reboot the Core: in my case the Core resides on the Roon Nucleus. Should I just turn this device off and then on again? Is that what is meant by “Reboot the Core”?

And similarly, I use the iOS app. Should I restart this app?

Quite simply yes. Rebooting the core is that simple. Turn it off preferably unplug it , wait a minute then restart.

It also helps if at the same time you restart all the network kit. Same thing unplug wait re plug and wait until each component starts up before starting the next

Think of it as clearing out the cobwebs :joy:

The iOS app is probably restarted fairly often anyways

You can use Nucleus’ web interface to power off, reboot or restart components. To power on Nucleus you have to use the button on the back of the unit.