Recent listening are not mine

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is the album identified in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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The recent listening 167 Hours of last week and previous week 167 hours as well are not my listening ´ i was not home

These listening are poluting my listening history .

Roon tech support please clean this up


Do you have any other family members who have access to your Roon system? If not, are you using Tidal or Qobuz with Roon, and is last week’s Roon history coming from either or both of these services? If so, best to change your password on the affected service as well as Roon as your music streaming service account may have been compromised.

Yesterday I noticed my recent listening was showing over 200 hours, and had been running 24 hours a day from December 28th through January 3rd.

I checked the zone display and sure enough the NUC to receiver hdmi zone was still playing. The HDMI zone does not recognize the receiving end is powered off, so 7 days continuously.

I had started the holiday music genre then someone switched over to cable without stopping the music. The genre queue showed 19 hours of music so Roon Radio followed up for over 200 hours. That is very good continuous radio followup even though no one was listening.


Noone has access to my Roon account

I use Qobuz but hopefully when i use Qobuz without going to Roon it does not appear in Roon history.

I guess it is something about database issue, Ronn service can be accessed only from my Wifi and local core i don’t use ARC

I guess i need to contact ROON support for them to clean this history which iOS not mine for last two weeks

How ro get a Roon EMPLOYEE look at this ?

I’ve also had the issue where I don’t stop the stream that is playing in a zone that I no longer listen to.

Yeah, this has been reported by someone else. Could it be your Roon or Tidal/Qobuz account has been hacked?

You’re in the right Forum section. Eventually, support will get back to you. They’re only a four person team, with a lot on their plate.

Tagging @support for assistance.

Hey @Isokawa,

Unfortunately, we’re not able to clean your listening history. Can you please confirm that you have tried updating your Qobuz password, as well as logging out and re-logging back into your account via Roon Settings>Services?

Thanks you for your feedback and support

I am not so much interested for the cause , neither my Qobuz account or my Roon account been compromised

I dont understand the point with qobuz as when i am listening qobuz or allegedly an hacker it does not appear in roon history

I dont understand what log in and log out or change password has to do with having someone else form Room listening history

I am sure there is an user ID in your data base for each server access , please just remove the history which is not related to me , this look like a bug

For two weeks permanent listening of not my taste music this is spoiling my recommendation , my preference

Hey @Isokawa,

Are you listing to Qobuz through their dedicated app, or are you listening to Qobuz integrated through Roon?

If your account has been compromised, updating this information will prevent them from accessing your music, which would then help with your unknown licensing history.

After reviewing your account, it looks like your core was last seen 5 days ago. If you’re able to take it online, I can enable diagnostics to take a closer look. Have you listened to Roon in the last 5 days?

Thanks for your feedback,

Yes I listen Qobuz from both Qobuz app when i am away and from Roon when home connected from my core

If you see the two weeks of interest (167hours connection both ) which were before and after Xmas when i WAS NOT home , how come some history appears on my profile home as i was not connected to my core on local Wifi !!!

this was not me listening this from remote as i dont have access to my core ( i understood you can connect remotely to your core only if ARC is used which is NOT my case .

So i dont know why we keep talking about credential been compromised as nobody broke out my house to connect my core on my encrypted wifi to listen some music on my account ….

I am not following you

You know of course from which IP people are connecting to your server Vs register Core , please check this first

And please remove what was not listen from my home IP, local core

Bottom line, please have ownership of your database and remove these two weeks of foreign listening history as this is fondement of your service and your value is listening history data , the rest is brought by Qobuz etc


Ps : yes it was me connecting 5 d ago, i wont be able to connect for some time as i am moving home and will not have any NO core connected

Hey @Isokawa,

Thanks for your patience here!

After further investigation, we were able to verify that on Dec 16th you manually started playing the album Into the Labyrinth (Remastered) by Dead Can Dance. Once the last song (How Fortunate the Man with None) ended Roon Radio took over and continued playing until Jan 3rd when you manually played Antonino Reggio: 24 Sonate di Liuto e Basso, Vol. 1 by Konstantin Shenikov / Kit Samara.

In this situation, it does look like Roon Radio took over unintentionally and led to a skewed play history. With that, we do not store any of your play history on our side of things, and you can manually delete your play history by selecting the unwanted tracks > Edit > Delete Plays.

Hope this helps! :+1:

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