Recommend some obscure artists you know

I love boards like this as a way to discover new music. Sometimes, it’s those not quite so popular albums in your favorite genre that really stick with you. We’re investing in our music geekdom, so there’s got to be some really interesting bands that we could share with each other.

Not sure if this will catch on, but thought it would be fun to name a popular or well-known (even infamous) artist along with a more obscure artist fans may like. For example:

FFO Ennio Morricone, check out: Calabro 35
Very cool Italian instrumental band evoking the sounds of 70s giallo. Check out their song Travelers for a good taste of what they offer.


On the rock/alt side, give Matthew Good a listen.

A. Human

It never did that well, but I’ve kept going back for 10 (?) years or more

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Brothers in Sound - Family Is For Sharing

This is really good!

The Hu - Mongolian Heavy metal, throat singing, traditional Mongolian instrumental - Wolf Totem for starters

Glass Animals - synth pop, indie, R&B, hip-hop, etc… - Gooey for starters

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Need some help here. I go to Roon and search for “Human”, and there’s no artist by that name. If you are referencing the post just before yours, I search for “Matthew Good” and he has no album named “Human”.

I, too, love to discover new stuff, but it is a common problem with all forum threads that people reply to something and no one can tell what they are replying to - the post just before, the one before that, something else entirely.

Not meant as a kvetch, but this human can’t find your “Human”.

Search for “A.Human”


Thanks, will give A. Human a listen.

This won’t be to everyone’s taste but I keep coming back to Doo Rag. One reviewer said it sounded “…like Howling Wolf recorded in a cave on Mars”.

For any and all prog rock fans, this maybe the finest group you have never heard of.
You owe it to yourself to check them out.
Lobate Scarp.


As Frank Carson used to say
It’s a cracker!

Some very funny lyrics - the story behind Black Moon takes a couple of listens
Casey Stinger also good, and there’s an excellent instrumental near the end

They did a YT video of a single which is also a solid tune, but again missed success - the kids comments below would suggest the singer has gone back (?) to being a teacher

Great shame as it’s a grower and a keeper

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My friend loves the Hu
I get it, but it didn’t grab me

Oh, and I forgot - one of my favourite cover versions of all time

Made me, and subsequent people, exclaim ‘oh yes!’ When the horse’s name drops :grinning:


Two german bands. Enjoy.


Out crate digging this weekend and came across a punk band I never heard of: The New Bomb Turks. Digging it so far!

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The/Das really hits home for me. From what I’ve sampled, good late night driving music.

Obscure, but damn excellent - probably best fits as a world music genre, try finding and listening to Oi Va Va - Laughter Without Tears

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Pentagram - First Daze Here

This band was largely forgotten before the Last Days Here documentary was released. I recommend both!


Saharan guitar rock: Mdou Moctar
Argentinian prog: Nexus or even Sui Generis
European jazz (??) nik bärtsch’s ronin
Keyboard prodigy: Nils Frahm