Recommendations for WIFI bridge

Hi, I’m looking for a WIFI-enabled bridge to enable Roon playback on a second system that is not accessible by ethernet. Needs to be able to at least play DSD over DoIP. Seems like the options are the Raspberry Pi variants, Google Chromecast or Apple Airport Express. Would be willing to consider a one box, streamer/DAC combo solution if the price was low (under $300). Any suggestions?

Second hand Squeezebox Touch. $100 or so. Will work up to 24/96 for sure, and maybe 24/192 with plugins/good cables. Also analogue outs. Roon will see it as an endpoint. Very easy to get working.

Take a look at some of Allo’s plug and play options. I have the Digione and love it:

Thanks for the recommendation, Squeezebox would not have occurred to me. It can output digital to a DAC, right?

Thanks. That is the likely route. For WIFI, you just add a USB adaptor, right?

Yes, the Squeezebox Touch can output digital. It has digital optical, digital coax and USB outputs. The optical output means you can keep it completely isolated electrically from your DAC if you want, I believe there are two fixed frequency clocks to deal with the various multiples of 44.1 kHz and 48kHz so the digital outputs should be good quality. If you like fiddling then I guess a Pi is the way to go, but if you want to get a good result in five minutes then the Touch has a lot going for it. There are some comparative measurements of its digital outputs in the link below. Excellent as far as I can judge.

Ps. And the wifi is built in, no need for an adaptor. And there’s ethernet in too if it suits you,

Chromecast Audio

My DigiOne has a RPi 3B+, which has wifi built-in. You could also just order the HAT and make your own from a RPi 4. I have only ever used wifi with my Allo and I’ve never had an issue. Does take some fiddling to enable wifi out of the box, as I recall.