Recommended CD ripper to use directly on Nucleus+ USB?

Want to add a CD Ripper to Nucules+. Small Green Computers has one.

Want to know folks experiences ripping CDs directly to Nucules?

Cd rippers that worked well.

The Nucleus will do the actually ripping, so you don’t need any extra software … just an external USB CD ROM drive. I can’t recommend anything specific but any modern drive should suffice.

Personally I wound not go this route, as I prefer my ripping to be done by a 3rd application that sensibly names the files and embeds the tags into the files. (I use dBPowerAmp which references the accuraterip database, but others option are available).


I agree with Carl.

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Thanks Carl!

Appreciate the solid recommendations. Just a few questions.

Is the quality of the audio file better with dBPowerAmp or is it just better capture of metadata, names and tagging?

Or is better flexibility of naming & tagging?

I’m thinking Roon would manage the names and metadata?

Thanks Daniel!

Been reading up on dBPowerAmp and it looks like a great program.

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Yes, that is true in most cases. However, there are numerous situations where you would want to see a folder named with ”Artist - Album (Year)” rather than ”Ripping date”…

The function implemented is nice, but to most of us not usable as of yet. (I don’t know whether there are any plans of finishing this in a useful manner.)

I use Easy CD Converter from Poikosoft, works beautiful as both ripping tool and conversion software. On my Mac I rip using XLD which is freeware.

Just let go, and use the Force, Luke… :wink:

I’ve used dBpoweramp for ripping CDs for years, but now I just let Roon do the work and add the metadata using the CD ripping feature in Roon OS. Only if Roon can’t identify an album is it necessary to step in and help it with assigning metadata.

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Hahaha! :smiley:
That would be nice but neither my OCD or my other playback software allows me to do that.
I use the same library for Minim/Twonky, Lightning Server and JRiver, in various situations.

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As some are aware, Auralic recently released a firmware for (most of) their products that includes the same function. Attach an external USB Drive to your Aries G1 and it will be able to take advantage of the discs for playing as well as ripping. These rips also include metadata from online sources.

  1. Any progress in the Roon software or is it still the same issues as explained above?

  2. Is it possible to save ripping outcome at an external harddrive instead of using the internal one?

Not sure what you mean by progress. RoonOs CD ripper works the same way its always done nothings changed.

You can move the files aftewards to wherever you want but it will only rip directly to the storage used for your library on the NuC or Nucleus. Not sure it will rip over the network never tried but is likely not advised. In my case it’s an external USB drive attached to my Rock machine and works fine. I then configure my Nas to backup this every night.

Thanks for quick response.

Maybe I got it wrong but got the impression that the internal ripper was limited in adding meta etc.

My NUC with Rock is controlling several storage places including an internal SSD and several external HDDs located at my NAS.

Did I get it right, the ripping function can only store at the internal SDD or an usb drive attached directly to the NUC and not directly to my NAS?

It doesn’t add any metadata to files, it never has. The metadata is gathered by Roon and is in the database only. This follows Roons philosophy of not altering files. If you want to add metadata your self afterwards you can. But if you just use Roon it’s not necessary as it will for 99% identify the cd and add it to your library with all the info.

I don’t know if you can rip to network storage I have never tried I only use local storage with a USB attached drive. You would need to test it to see. But with multiple locations I would imagine it won’t know where to choose there is no option to choose this. So likely will go to local storage. You can move it afterwards to where ever you want. I move them from the ripped directory to my main music path and as in my own metadata via MP3 tag as I use them in other apps as well.

NAS storage is not supported. See:

Ok, I get it. I assume you don’t use internal storage in your Rock setup then. I guess it in my case then would store at the internal SSD versus an attached USB storage but will check when I get my cd drive.

Since not an IT person at all, how do you see the files after they have been ripped. You use another device linked to the Rock setup to move the files?

I don’t have a nuc so yes no internal storage other than the OS SSD. I imagine it will use the default one based on what the machine make up is. So if you have an extra internal drive for music storage it will use that, if external drive it will use that. If both I imagine logic would dictate the first one inside.

You use the smb share that ROCK uses which is mapped to the storage, you can access it from any computer over the network using explorer on Windows or finder on the Mac. Just type \\rock in to explorer window for example.

From the KB article I linked to earlier:

Roon OS will automatically place your successfully ripped CD’s flies into connected storage (internally or USB connected). NAS storage is not supported. If you need to rip to a NAS, we suggest adding a small FAT32 formatted USB flash drive (16GB or higher would be fine), and Roon OS will rip to that. Then you can manually move those files to your NAS.
If you have multiple drives plugged into your Roon OS device, the rip location will be determined by the following rules:

  1. drive must have at least 2GB free

  2. drive must be writable

Of all eligible drives you have connected, Internal Storage is chosen first, then the largest USB disk.

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Thanks, so in my case I can’t “avoid” the ripping to be stored at my internal SSD even that I want to save somewhere else. Eg manual transfer afterwards as CrystalGipsy noted.

Indeed, CDs are ripped to timestamped album folders held inside the folder called CD-Rips:

I really wish it would use the aritst and album name it gets from CDDB. The ripper software used is more than capable of doing this and a full metadata look up. Its a pain to trace back what they are at a later date. This is why I use mp3 tag on them after ripping so I know what they are. I am not a fan of the closed system approach they are using, its like Naims metadata system which ir propriatry and your stuck if you want to move it. I know it gives you the option of adding it if you export but I should not have to duplicate files to do this.

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