Recommended Mac Blu Ray Ripping software?

Hi all! I wonder if you lovely boffins might be able to recommend a piece of software that will allow me to do 1:1 rips of my commercial Blu Ray collection? I’ve done a cursory google search and haven’t had much joy with what I’ve found - all looks a bit janky, so would love a recommendation - means I’ll be able to play my movies from my Macmini music server with Dragonfly DAC for the audio!

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MakeMKV. A generous trail period and the same license for PC or Mac.

Use it all the time and have never found a DVD it couldn’t copy.

Find it here.


DVD Fab is good also but a pay job. MakeMKV I think is an extra license for BluRay , it’s free for DVD, you would need to check


Looks like it’s still in Beta and free , it’s been in beta for years. I ripped my dvd 5 years ago in beta !!

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Having written software for many years, I respect the effort involved. I bought a license.


Thanks so much guys! Slim, if I want to have a perfect copy of the original movie (I’m not bothered about any extras or commentaries etc.), with no changes in frame rate / any difference whatsoever from playing the actual disk with no difference in quality, do I just use the default settings?

Thanks so much again!


PS - I will for sure pay for it if I can get it to do this!

Yes, I use the default settings.

Be forewarned, under some new copy protection schemes, you need a Java executable.

To cover all bases, you should have something like this -

Note: I’m not using the latest Java because the version I’m using works.

Also, MakeMKV can’t find your drive if it’s connected via a hub or over the network. The drive needs to be directly connected to the machine the program is running on.

I don’t remember paying extra for BluRay.

+1 for MakeMKV

@Sam_Willis Just as a caution, and in case you are not already aware of this: adding metadata to the extracted files is in my experience a significant amount of work, even just for audio. For video, it felt like much more work than I could handle. It’s possible that I’ve been doing it in an inefficient way – perhaps others could comment on that –

Also, if I’m not mistaken, for audio, there’s still a step where you need something like DVD Audio Extractor to extract wav files and the like (I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve had to do – again, I may be doing it inefficiently)

Hope others will correct this if inaccurate – trying to help, not spread FUD!

I started to create a new thread on this topic but found this one and thought I’d resurrect it. Would anyone be willing to share the software needed and your recommended process for ripping 4K and 1080 Blu-rays? I’m apprehensive about the metadata wrinkle after reading some posts here and elsewhere. Thank you in advance.

Hi Jasper not a lot has changed in the last few years.
MakeMKV is still the best software I have used on the Mac and PC and can backup discs (removing decryption) as well as creating MKV files of the video and Audio content.

I rip all my concert’s and occasionally a Blue-ray album and store it in Plex.

Beyond this what are you looking to do?

Thanks Michael, I think that covers it. One day I may want to be able to serve files to video endpoints, like with Roon but video, but right now I really just want to protect against loss/damage to originals, and the risk of old DVD discs degrading over time (as I understand it, not a risk with Blu-ray/4K). I’ll give Make MKV a try!

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Hi Michael! Not sure if you still frequent this board, but I was wondering if you had any recommendation of a mac based software that I can extract a .SRT file from my ripped .mkv file of my blurays? I’m trying to play back foreign movies on my new Panasonic BR player but it won’t take the subtitles that are hard coded into the mkv file (I previously was using VLC on my mac mini music server). I’ve confirmed that it will pick up and use .SRT files, but it seems like all of the programs that can get an SRT from MKV are on PC…


Hi Sam I do frequent these forums much more than is good for one’s health :rofl:

This is not something I can help you with directly sorry as I did all my ripping on Windows.

I do remember having to burn in subtitles on a number of ripped foreign movies for them to work well in the past using handbrake.

A quick Google search brought up a number of options.