Recommended NAA endpoint for Holo DACs

I currently own a Spring 2 KTE with a Pi2AES (max 192 PCM) endpoint, and I’m likely to get a Spring 3 or May KTE for a different system later in the year. I’d like to bring HQ Player into the mix. To go above 192 PCM, I’d have to use USB or I2S. The baseline would be Pi 4 USB. Anything clearly better?

To support PCM1536 kHz upsampling (which Spring3 and May support) you need Intel based NAA.

On his website Jussi has recommended hardware like the below.

I have one and it is fantastic. Allows for some cool HQPlayer features like USB UAC2 input into HQPlayer.

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I’ve been very happy with an old microRendu and Ultracap Power Supply. These are the current versions:
What they describe as ‘output modes’ are actually software switchable inputs.

The mR 1.5 maxes out at 768 KHz PCM and DSD 512, which is below the max inputs the Spring 3 or May can handle. I used to feed my mR DSD 512 and it was fine, but now I have rolled back to DSD 256 to use the 7EC modulators and ext2 filter with HQ Player.

I was surprised at the improvement that the UltraCap power supply made when I fed the mR with it.


Before I sold my Denafrips Ares, I got the MicroRendu up to 1536khz using HQPLAYER. It was stunningly good. I am currently deciding between the Denafrips Pontus and the Spring 3 as my next upgrade.

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