Recommended NUC for HQPLAYER


I want to buy a NUC that will work with all of the HQPLAYER filters including non -2s.
Which one would be the optimal model?
Would a NUC i78807G do the job?


A NUC isn’t powerful enough to run non 2s filters at high sample rates.

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It isn’t strong enough because of the CPU ?

I am not sure I understand… If it has a strong i7 CPU then what would be the difference between the NUC and a regular PC?

Depends on the particular i7 used. Consider checking the HDPlayer thread on AudiophileStyle.

You need a very strong desktop class cpu and/or graphics card assistance to run the intensive non 2s filters at dsd256 or greater.

Just being nosey and putting non 2s filter into Google doesn’t return anything. What is one?

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2s filters are variations of HQPlayer filters that are less CPU intensive.

Which particular i7 would that be?

That’s exactly what i am looking for…

For rate family conversion to DSD512 with the
Xtr filters probably an i9-9900k with a nvidia gtx 2080ti doing cuda assist.

And with an RTX 2080, an i7-7700K should be fine (like Jussi has…)

The problem is that there is no NUC with an i7 7700 and a 2080 gtx.
I have a NUC and use the hdplex for linear power.
What set up would you recommend if I go for a regular CPU with the above specifications?
I use a NUC because it is small and fanless

And because it’s small and fanless it’s has a lower power/thermal cpu and no high power nvidia gpu.

If you want to go all out with HQPlayer you need at least a mini atx case with active cooling running the desktop class cpu and then add the noisy Nvidia RTX 2080.

Most put the big noisy/powerful HQPlayer computer in another room and use a small quiet device capable of being a HQPlayer NAA at their audio equipment.

Please excuse my ignorance but what is wxactly a NAA? Can you post a link to a certain device I can buy?

A NAA won’t do you any good with out the powerful HQPlayer computer someplace on your network.

SOTM SMS-xxxx and Sonore xxxxRendu products have NAA mode. Raspberry Pi or your NUC can also be a NAA.

I am starting to understand :slight_smile:

So , let’s say I bought the i7 7700 with rtx 2080 with the cooling system…
I plug this puppy to the network in another room and not where my audio equipment is.

Now I hook up my NUC to the network where my audio equipment is placed.
Where do I go from here? On which computer do I install Roon and Hqplayer?
How do I make Hqplayer use the resources from the i7 7700 computer?

You install Roon and HQPlayer on the i7 7700 machine. You install HQPlayer NAA on your NUC.

Personally I’d build a machine with the i9 9700K processor if you are going to run Roon and HQPlayer together on the same machine. The 9700 isn’t that much more and gives you twice as many cores.

In fact this is a nice machine that has everything you need and isn’t that big:

If I go for the i9 9700k would I still need the rtx 2080?

So if I download the Hqplayer NAA for the NUC it actually uses the NUC just as a remote control and takes all the resources from the main computer?

Yes you still need the RTX 2080, the 9700K has the extra power and gives you some head room to perform Roon duties at the same time as HQPlayer duties for $150 dollars more. The RTX 2080 is the most expensive part.

The NAA is just a streaming endpoint it will receive the DSD512 stream from the powerful HQPlayer computer and get it to the DAC.


Thanks a lot for the tips!!
Very much appreciated!