Recommended powersupply for Intel NUC and Cisco 2960 switch

This is important so I say this again. For those who are seeking a LPS for NUC, a 19V model has to be used. At 12V there is no margin for voltage drop, which can happen with LPS. (This does not apply to non-NUC mini PC which may have totally different voltage requirements.)

19v @ 3.5a is also the spec of the Nucleus SMPS and what Danny has recommended for an LPS, specifically:

All you chaps buying LPSU’s do you know anything about the units you are choosing iro ability to 1) reject incoming noise, 2) generate very little themselves and 3) provide a stable output.

There are plenty out there, and they’re definitely not all made equal nor do they necessarily deliver the audiophile marketing promises.

I’ll be trying one made by Sean Jacobs of Custom Hifi Cables, the man who designed the power supply for the top-of-the-range two box Innuos

Although I haven’t done any comparisons with other linear power supplies, I have used both the 12V and 19V versions of this ATL LPS. They both seem to be well-built and work satisfactorally.

Not cheap, I just got a quote for my ROCK/MOCK which is 12v/3a max draw and its 650 quid. Thats 100 quid more than the pc :slight_smile:

No, a good LPS is not cheap, but it has a 30 day trial period if you are not happy with it and I reckon that a really well designed and made LPS is the best way to find out if a LPS really makes a noticeable difference.

For those doubting the Chinese ones my one comes in well in the below tests its a ZeroZone Super PSU

Tested to output 11.426V.

Not saying this LPS is bad. It’s indeed better than other ones in the test especially if compared to the one with 34% voltage drop. Just saying voltage drop is a common result of a LPS. That’s why I said one should not use a 12V LPS for a 19V NUC. Below 12V one may expect stability issues. A little voltage drop below 19V is comparatively much safer than a voltage drop from 12V.

I wouldnt use if for a nuc its not the right voltage but for mine which is 12v its working fine and its not the deathtrap that a lot think the cheap ones are. I agree no change would be preferable, but this was an experiment really to see if it brought any improvement and i did not want to spend more than the price of the unit itself. i decided to put the old psu back in place to see if i could really tell a difference, before I had not done an a/b i swapped it out and thought it made little difference. How wrong I was, it cleans up the bottom end, which now i am using dsp room correction is a lot more noticable. I think I will save up and likely go for a HDPEX as they are a more sensible cost and can likely drive something else in the rach saving on another spms.

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Sorry about not making this clear - my previous reply was not directed to you, but there are other people who thought 12V LPS is ok for NUC in a different thread.

I’m glad you experienced SQ improvement from your investment.

No worries.

I use the HDPlex 200 watt device and it is an excellent bit of kit. Well worth the outlay.

I have a couple of them. the nice thing is the supplies are all independent too…no common grounds.

“True Separate Rail Design. No shared Ground. Guarantee No Cross RFI/EMI Interference. This is a must for multi-rail Linear PSU. All output can work at the same time with no loss of performance and no cross-talk with each other.”

This Sean Jacobs / Custom HiFi Cables power supply is fantastic. A major upgrade to the sound of my Nucleus+ with much greater presence, broader and deeper, more solid soundstage, improved resolution, greater detail and tonal texture etc. I’m a very happy bunny. I couldn’t recommend one strongly enough for someone who has already spent on a Nucleus+. Sean is also a very nice (and patient) guy to deal with.

I got a quote off him and kindly passed on it way over anything I would pay, I fact it was more than my ROCK core.

It’s like a Naim power supply upgrade: it elevates the performance into something that’s effectively a different product but for a cost that’s a significant percentage of the original item. The price of Sean’s power supply (around 900 with Mundorf caps etc.) is not at all unreasonable for someone who has forked out 2.5k on a Nucleus+ since it takes the performance to an entirely different level, as it should as a well-designed and highly-specced power supply with massive toroidal transformer, all of which comes at a price. I have heard of people questioning the value of a LPSU because they bought a cheap product that had only a marginal impact on the audio performance of their gear, if any. Well, sadly, you get what you pay for.