Recommended powersupply for Intel NUC and Cisco 2960 switch

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I am an audiophile running a full Naim set-up with Focal Kanta 2 speakers. Roon Rock runs on a Intel NUC (6 series, I5/8Gb/128SSD). Next week I will replace my Netgear switch to a Cisco 2960 WS-C2960G-8TC-L.

To get the best out of my system I consider to have better powersupplies for both the Intel NUC as well as the Cisco 2960. What do you think of:

  • I consider buying a Ifi iPower as power supply for the Intel NUC. Is this a good choice over the standard ps? Is a 15V Ifi Ipower sufficient or should I go for a higher voltage model

  • I consider buying a Ifi iPower as power supply for the Cisco 2960 WS-C2960G-8TC-L. Is this a good choice , or is the standard ps of the Cisco good enough? Is a 15V Ifi Ipower sufficient or should I go for a higher voltage model

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You’d be wasting your money. How is the NUC connected to your DAC?

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The NUC is wired connected (Ethernet AudioQuest Cinnamon) to the Switch. That same switch also wired-connects the DAC/Streamer and my NAS

What DAC/streamer?

NDX-2. Unless anything has changed since the mini Roon review on the Naim forum.

Correct, NAIM NDX-2 with XPSdr. Amps are 282/HiCapDr/250 dr

You are wrong on both. The iFi wouldn’t have enough amps for the NUC (you can run anywhere between 12v-19v but need at least 4 amps I believe) and the Cisco’s have a built in SMPS so you would have to bypass the internal power supply. People are doing it, but you have to have good DIY skills. I run my NUC 7i5 with an HDPLEX - if you want to go cheaper plenty of Chinese LPS’s on ebay that will do the job.

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You can subtlety “tune” the 2960’s with choice of power cable. The newer 2960 I got (mfg 11/17) sounded much better than the older 2960’s (2010)I had, but those sounded better than the Netgear.

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got it, thanks @Charles_Peterson … that clarifies … I did some study today and concluded similar. I read some good stories on using an Sbooster on the NUC. I think I’ll go with that

If your not connecting it via usb to a DAC, you’re really wasting your money on a linear PSU for the nuc.


Because I’ve been using the NUC’s HDMI output for multichannel (5.1) music, I bought the 19v version of this $129 Chinese LPS:

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Which 2960 model do you have from 2017? G or X? and how many SFP ports?

The 2960 made in 2010 is a very different switch


And did you notice any improvement in SQ?

Is this from your own experience?

Yes I got an LPSU for my core. I heard no difference. YMMV though.

Yes, it is less brittle now. Although that might be because I got rid of their supplied SMPS on the circuit…

Thanks to both of you for you feedback

Thanks. Which one did you go for?

I didnt go silly as wanted to test the water. So just on from AliExpress a few others on here had tried. No way I was spending any more. Can’t say I noticed any difference on my core, but it’s not a NuC and the smps it came with was actually pretty good. It’s no detrimental effect so still in place, maybe as placebo or its blue light and case match the core that’s sat next to it.

The one that provides the proper voltage and amperage.