Recommended setup for Roon

Hoping you can clarify something for me.
You suggest putting ubuntu on my mini and then installing Roon Server, followed by Roon on my gaming pc for the desktop app. Is this the right order? When i install roon server on the mini I assume that it will ask me if this is the core?
And when I also install the full roon on my main pc, that it will ask me what its function will be? Do I just choose the desktop app?

Yes to all that. Again, you don’t have to install Roon on your gaming pc if you don’t want to. It’s just handy to have the desktop app available.

I think you should first focus on installing ROCK on the mini first, as this is straightforward compared to installing Roon Server on Ubuntu.

First, try to get into the BIOS, and then confirm that the Beelink supports legacy boot. If it doesn’t, Ubuntu is the only way forward (and this may be why you can boot Ubuntu but not the ROCK installer. Try @xxx’s suggesting and use F7.

We have no idea whether ROCK will even run on that particular hardware. And there’s nothing magical about ROCK. And there’s nothing hard about installing Roon Server on Ubuntu – I say this having done it a couple of weeks ago. So: straightforward? I don’t think so.

He is not using an Intel NUC, and as such is not making a ROCK PC but an unsupported MOCK PC. ROCK is only officially supported on the specified hardware. Imho, it would be better to load a different OS and then the appropriate RoonServer.

The Beelink BIOS, from when I tried to use them, left such a bad experience, that I sent them back and bought real Intel NUCs.

Agreed! The Beelink doesn’t work for Rock. I tried the F7 key and did get a message asking me what to boot from, but only gave me the choice of “enter display” to set boot options or press ESC as an alternative. Enter Display just takes me back to the bios, which I had already set upo for booting from usb drive. Esc gave ma a screen displaying the message "Start PXE over IPv4 on MAC 7C-83-34-B2-23-AA’ but just sat on that screen without doing anything for about two minutes and then just returns to the other screen giving me the same two options of either Enter Bios or ESC. The screen that ESC takes me to does not respond to any input.
So, this mini pc just won’t work with ROCK.
I will use ubuntu with roon server instead and hope that installs!

And for those asking: Legacy IS supported on the mini.

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Ah, gotcha! saw your message about linux and DSD. The designer of my usb dac states that it plays native dsd on linux and mentions Daphile and Roon Rock. Since I can’t use Roon Rock, i thought I would try ubuntu with roon server ans see if it works. I could use windows with roon server, but windows has so many unnecessary things always running in the background, including being assaulted with updates and i thought ubuntu would just be better. Less chance of unwanted noice over the usb. Thoughts?

The reasons you give for using your main pc as core are the same that I was thinking of when I first thought of roon. But when I got a lot of suggestions to use ROCK as core, I thought it might be better. Now that I know that ROCK doesn’t work with my mini pc, I think I would like to return to the idea of using roon as core on my main pc. I would still need to use the mini as a server to my usb dac, so i guess I’d still need to install ubuntu and linus server on the mini?

Ubuntu and Roon Bridge. All an endpoint needs is Bridge. The Core machine does all the real work.

Well, i have now tried two times to install ubuntu on this mini. It goes through the whole installation until I get to the part where you remove the usb and reboot.
It does not reboot into the ubuntu desktop. I have never had so much difficulty with a pc install before!
So, I guess its back to window 10 on the mini. I had successfully installed it before, so I don’t see why it won’t install again. And why the hell will it install only windows???
Anyway, will using windows on the mini with Roon Bridge cause me a lot of problems with updates and such?

Well, I am officially done with trying to use the Beelink with Roon.
It is impossible to install ROCK on it, and when I tried Ubuntu, that wouldn’t install properly either. It came with windows 11, but i successfully installed windows 10 on it shortly after purchase.
So, I thought just go back to windows 10. But when I just tried it, it informed me that windows could not be installed because the main drive was not formatted as NTFS. ??? . . . but windows worked before???
Did the drive get reformatted somehow??? I’m talking about the main drive in the pc, and not the usb drive used for installation.
So, no roon for me, until i get something else to use as a bridge to my dac.
Let this be a lesson th anyone thinking of using one of these Beelink mini pcs for roon. DON’T!!! Get a proper roon supported NUC!
Otherwise you will end up completely bald like me from pulling your hair out in frustration!

Now, you’re just tangled up in your shorts.

It can be done. Doesn’t matter, your CPU and RAM weren’t up to spec, anyway.

Just get a NUC, like everyone thought you were talking about in the beginning.
Run Roon Core on it…

If all you want is a bridge to your DAC, get a Raspberry Pi and run a USB cable from it to the DAC. Cheap and easy. Run Core on your gaming PC.

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Yes, I’m thinking that this will be my best path. My main pc would be good for running core with any heavy processing needed. I have heard people say that Pis can feed noice to the dac over usb and that the sound quality isn’t the best. But then others say otherwise. But at least it would get me started. Right now, since my former computer with Foobar died, I haven’t been able to touch my dsd files…

There is a lot of bad info in your post.
You say that using the Beelink with Roon can be done, and then give an example of someone doing it with a completely different product.
You also say that everyone thought I was referring to a NUC in the first place. Not true! I listed the info for the Beelink, showing its stats, its cpu and ram, and no one said that it wasn’t up to spec.
I appreciate people trying to help me, but i do not appreciate people coming in afterwards and acting like they have all of the answers and not actually being of any help at all. It doesn’t do anyone any good at all.