Reconfigured system now ROON Core converts DSD to PCM

Roon Core Machine

ROCK, 32Gb i7 ssd

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus 5300 router Connected by Ethernet to all devices

Connected Audio Devices

Using HP Notebook i7, 16gb, win os 10 64 bit as a bridge >USB >GAIA DDC>PS Audio DS

Number of Tracks in Library

110,000 tracks and 8999 album on external drives

Description of Issue

ROCK is converting DSD signals to PCM I can’t find any settings to enable native DSD
The Gaia and DSD DAC do not appear in audio path as they should

You are using System Output as the output device, which does not support DSD. You need to select a more specific device. If that doesn’t show up, you may be missing a driver.

I’m using the driver that Denefrips (Gaia) provided for the computer. What driver would I need for a windows 10 machine?

I guess that should work. What devices do you see available on the machine when you go to audio settings?

Problem solved. The first time I tried to select the Gaia as the output device, it failed. I went to the Notebook setting. The solution was using the Gaia as the output device and then configuring it.

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