Record cover : How could I force Roon to select the record cover I want automatically for all music folders

Roon Core Machine

Wifi or Ethernet (Netgear GS)

Connected Audio Devices

Antipodes DX2 server / HDD 3Tb (including Roon core), Ipad Pro (IOS A4.7.1) to play, Synology NAS (Backup), Wifi Network

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 5000 tracks

Description of Issue

After a batch music files recovery session from my NAS (Synology) to my Music Server (Antipodes DX2 + Roon core)
For each music folder, how could I force Roon to select the record cover I want to display on my Roon device (Ipad Pro)?
Into many folders I have several record cover files (JPG) and several tracks (Flac) that include a record cover (Tag). I would like select a JPG file (nammed “folder.jpg” or other) to display on my Roon device or to use a rule like “Display the record cover included in the first track (01. xxxxxx.flac)” or an other way.

Could you return me your advices in this matter ?
Thank You very much

Roon processes only cover.jpeg or folder.jpeg cover.png and folder.png or embedded images

What rule use Roon to choose a “folder.Jpeg” or embedded image ?
If a mucic folder includes several tracks with different embedded images, what rule use Roon to choose one image ?

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Hey @Gilbert_Guimmarra,

Thanks for choosing to ask this question in the Roon community. It looks like @Uwe_Albrecht has shared the ways album artwork works in Roon. Did any of them work for you?

Thanks @Uwe_Albrecht for the comprehensive post!