Recover files deleted from library

The “Clean Up Library” tab under Library Maintenance shows 20 files that I think I deleted erroneously, and may be the 20 songs on the 5th disc of a multi-disc album for which I can only find 4. Based on related topics I’ve reviewed, I assume I’m SOL and all that’s retained in the library is the metadata and not the music files, but it’s worth asking if the music files can be recovered before I go ahead and clean up the library.

Hi @Bruce_Grunsten,

Roon is reporting that the related audio files are no longer stored on the disk drive.

Roon does not store music files in its database, it only references them and their associated metadata data.

Roon can not restore them, all Roon can do is remove these now redundant entries from its database.

You may be able to use OS tools to recover the files, or alternatively restore them from a backup of your music files.

Once the files have been restored Roon will stop reporting them as missing in the library clean up page.

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