Refresh artist image and bio - Lost after merging

I’m still in the trial phase and am just getting familiar, so please bare with me…

When I first added my collection, two entries for the “The Allman Brothers” came up (probably because some albums were named “Allman Brothers” and others “Allman Brothers Band”).

Anyway, one of them had an artist image and bio, but when i merged the two, I lost the artist image and bio. How do I get that back? I did Revert Edits and that didn’t seem to help. Do I need to force a re-scan of my whole library? I don’t see a way to just refresh that one artist…

When you merge artists, you have to select the “primary artist”. If you choose the one with the image and bio, then this should be retained. You probably chose the artist entry without that info.

You can revert the merge in Settings > Library and there “Un-merge Artists” and then re-merge and pick the other artist as primary.

“Merge artist” unfortunately doesn’t merge the pic, bio and other info (such as “aka”, “member of …”, websites …). I had a case with six duplicates and several entries had a different pieces of the artist info. There’s no way to merge all those pieces, I could just pick one to keep and lose the rest.

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