Regular crashes

So far so good. Already three days without an interruption. I looks like this was the issue. I will continue with the next step anyhow, which is upgrading the FTP cable to CAT 7 and CAT 8, for even more bandwidth.
I think it would be good for Roon to deliver Nucleus with more RAM. It is of course disappointing if you buy a Nucleus to have problem free operation, and for over a year this issues is there.
But thanks lot for guiding me through this process. I should have reached out earlier. But I never expected the issue sat in Nucleus.

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Hey @Hans_van_Mierlo,

Thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear things have been functioning better for you, and I will certainly pass your suggestion over to our team. :+1:

I’ll keep this thread open just in case while you continue to move through updates.

The server has been running and problem free for over 8 days now. It is realistic to say now that the RAM upgrade brought the solution.
I am still in the upgrading of the network to CAT 8 and WiFi 6. Even the partial upgrade is making the experience snappier than ever before. So for everyone who is reading this: Better network and more RAM in Nucleus make a big difference in the experience!

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Honestly, this is overkill unless you are running a Google datacentre. Cat 6A (or the pseudo-standard cat 6e) should be perfectly adequate for runs of up to 100 meters.
As Wikipedia states:

Category 8 cabling was designed primarily for data centers where distances between switches and servers are short and is not intended for general office cabling.

Honestly: I do experience a difference, no matter what Wikipedia states.
And the standard RAM was also is enough, according to Roon. Well, I just found out it wasn’t.

Probably 6a would have also done the magic, since I was coming from 5e. But I like upgrades to be future proof.

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